When will Seasons 4 & 5 of ‘Young Sheldon’ be on Netflix?

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when will season 4 and 5 of young sheldon be on netflix

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Young Sheldon will soon wrap up its fifth season on CBS and has also been renewed through to season 7 on the network. For some on Netflix, you’ll be receiving season 5 in the near future and for those in the UK, you’re still waiting for season 4. Here’s when we’re expecting that to happen.

The spinoff prequel series to The Big Bang Theory that first aired beginning in 2017 is now up its fifth season which is due to wrap in May 2022. As mentioned the show was renewed through to 2023/24.

At the time of writing, Netflix only holds the streaming rights for Young Sheldon in four countries. Those being the United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, and Switzerland. If we contrast that to The Big Bang Theory, that’s currently available in at least 16 countries albeit we’ve seen it depart in many regions as HBO Max rolls out.

Netflix first licensed seasons 1-3 of the show back in the UK and Australia back in October 2021. Italy and Switzerland then later received the series (all four seasons) in April 2022.

For almost all other regions, you’ll need a HBO Max subscription to watch Young Sheldon. If you’re wondering why it’s not Paramount+ you’ll need because it airs on CBS, it’s because the show is produced for CBS by Warner Brothers Television.

When will Season 4 of Young Sheldon be on Netflix UK?

Netflix UK is still waiting on season 4 of Young Sheldon. This is likely because the show sold its broadcast rights to Channel 4 (it airs on E4) and Netflix has to wait until those rights expire before it jumps over.

Unfortunately, we’re not expecting that to happen until mid-to-late 2022. Our best estimate at the moment (we haven’t had new seasons come to Netflix on a regular basis to make accurate predictions) is that it could come to Netflix UK anywhere between May 2022 and October of this year.

When will Season 5 of Young Sheldon be on Netflix?

For those in Australia, you could be getting the new season in January 2023 based on the fact that season 4 came in January 2022 (shows are often renewed on cycles).

For those in Italy and Switzerland, we’re expecting season 5 to arrive between now and April 2023 although, again, we need more data to give a more accurate prediction.

As for the UK, you’ll likely have to wait until 2023 for season 5 of Young Sheldon.

Are you looking forward to the new seasons of Young Sheldon coming to Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

When will Seasons 4 & 5 of ‘Young Sheldon’ be on Netflix?

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