‘Young Sheldon’ Seasons 1-3 Arrives on Netflix UK & Australia

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young sheldon is now on netflix internationally

Young Sheldon – Picture: Warner Brothers TV

Warner Brothers Television has just licensed out Young Sheldon to Netflix in the UK as part of the November 1st additions. The series has also been made available on Netflix in Australia arriving at the beginning of October 2021. 

The spin-off to the CBS series The Big Bang Theory from Chuck Lorre began airing in September 2017 and began airing its fifth season from October 7th in the United States.

Young Sheldon follows the younger years of Sheldon Cooper who was one of the main characters of The Big Bang Theory.

Having been only available on broadcast in the UK (via E4) and Australia, the series is now available to stream with the first three seasons added.

The license comes on the same day Netflix UK also relicensed the Warner Brothers show, Pretty Little Liars which was removed at the beginning of last year and moved to BBC iPlayer.

Warner Brothers Television is in the unique position of not having a permanent streaming home for its own content in all global territories. HBO Max is slowly launching around the globe but in countries such as the United Kingdom, that will not be until 2025.

Australia doesn’t have access to HBO Max at present with existing contracts with HBO in place with Foxtel.

So the thought process seems to be to provide these shows to Netflix for the short-term hopefully with the idea of building their awareness and then when they come to pull their shows, hoping that Netflix subscribers get pulled alongside and subscribe to the show too.

Will more regions of Netflix receive Young Sheldon?

It’s unknown whether more regions will carry the show eventually. As you may know, HBO Max is currently rolling out around the world where most of its newly launched regions, are carrying seasons 1-4 of Young Sheldon.

HBO Max in the Nordics, for instance, all carry four seasons of the Young Sheldon exclusively (as well as The Big Bang Theory exclusively)

The Big Bang Theory has slowly rolled out onto Netflix in 22 countries around the globe over the past few years. Netflix UK received the show back in 2016 with Australia, India, Israel, Japan, and European regions in 2018, 2019, 2020, and even 2021.

A lot comes down to broadcast and streaming rights in each respective region and the best action you can take is by requesting Young Sheldon via Netflix’s request page.

Young Sheldon – Picture: WBTV

Why Young Sheldon won’t come to Netflix US

We can, however, rule out the possibility of the show coming to Netflix in the United States as we’ve stated previously.

The show is already on HBO Max and there seems to be little evidence that WBTV will license out their biggest properties to Netflix going forward.

Will you be checking out Young Sheldon Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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