When will ‘Trolls: The Beat Goes On!’ Season 5 be on Netflix?

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Trolls: The Beat Goes On! just released its fourth season. With new seasons coming out thick and fast, we thought we’d take stock of what’s to come with the series. Here’s what we know about Season 5 of Trolls on Netflix. 

Over the past few years, DreamWorks has produced lots of content for Netflix. In some cases, DreamWorks produces content around an older intellectual property or, like Trolls, base it around a recently released movie.

The most recent season just dropped on Netflix on November 2nd.

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As we mentioned, new seasons have been releasing on Netflix in quick succession. In fact, all four seasons currently available have been released in 2018.

  • Season 1 (6 episodes) – January 19th
  • Season 2 (7 episodes) – March 9th
  • Season 3 (6 episodes) – August 24th
  • Season 4 (7 episodes) – November 2nd

Season 5 hasn’t been confirmed by the show’s official social media accounts or through Netflix, but that’s normal with DreamWorks titles on Netflix. In fact, we often don’t get advance notice about whether a new season is releasing. We don’t find out until we get the release date and trailer.

Given how quickly the seasons have released so far, we think that season 5 won’t be too far away. New seasons have dropped between two and six months after the previous season aired, meaning we could see Season 5 arrive in January 2019 at the earliest or May 2019 at the latest.

How many seasons will there be?

The most popular DreamWorks TV series run for around 6-8 seasons and it typically gets announced in advance when a season is the last season.

Will there be a Christmas special in 2018?

Last year, DreamWorks TV dropped a special 26-minute episode of Trolls that did include the original cast. Netflix didn’t fund this as it aired first on NBC. Another special may come along but it won’t be until 2020 when the sequel releases. The Christmas special will remain on Netflix for Christmas 2018.

Any news on the Trolls movie sequel?

As you probably know, the first Trolls movie that kickstarted the Netflix series is still streaming on Netflix. You may also know that a sequel is on the way called Trolls World Tour. Unfortunately, we don’t have any more information regarding the movie other than it’s due out in 2020. You can also probably expect most of the cast to return to voice their respective characters including Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Zooey Deschanel, Russell Brand, and Gwen Stefani.

We do expect that the Trolls movie will eventually leave Netflix but no date has been announced yet.

You can keep posted with all the upcoming Dreamworks titles on Netflix in our guide that gets updated regularly.

When will ‘Trolls: The Beat Goes On!’ Season 5 be on Netflix?

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