Will ‘I Woke Up A Vampire’ Return for a Season 3 at Netflix?

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Will I Woke Up A Vampire Be Back For Season 3 At Netflix

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The second batch of I Woke Up A Vampire episodes just dropped on Netflix. If you’re wondering if there’s more on the way, sadly, there won’t be any new episodes coming anytime soon. That’s because those first two seasons were filmed back to back (released as a single season on Family Channel in Canada), and the show is now awaiting an official renewal.

It’s worth covering how exactly Netflix released the show as a quick recap. Filmed as a single season back in 2022, Netflix opted to release the show’s first season into two halves. The first half, consisting of eight episodes, dropped in October 2023, with the next eight episodes dropping in early April 2024, as we first reported.

The first season did well enough on Netflix to enter the global top 10s, with over 20 million hours watched and 5.8 million views between October 15th and October 29th. It entered the top 10s in over 60 countries.

Per FlixPatrol, the show featured in the kid’s top 10s in most countries following the first eight episodes, featuring in those top 10s between October 18th and November 5th, with a few appearances since then. As the graph below shows, however, the show didn’t get out of the gate quite as strong with its second season, with the graph showing it generated around a quarter of the same top 10 points.

Performance Of I Woke Up A Vampire On Netflix

Performance of I Woke Up A Vampire on Netflix – Picture: FlixPatrol

I Woke Up A Vampire Not Currently Renewed for Season 3 at Netflix

At the time of writing, Netflix nor Family Channel have announced the fate of the kid’s show as of yet, meaning as it stands, the show is awaiting an official renewal or cancelation.

With that said, given some statements over the past week following the second season dropping onto Netflix, plus the fact it’s now been two years since the show was filmed in Canada, we’re unsure whether it’ll be back for more.

There’s certainly more room for a story in season 3, given that there are a few storylines that could definitely be continued. You only have to go into the comments of any of the actors and crew behind the show to see that many still have questions and hopes for future seasons.

Of course, Netflix is not the only one responsible for renewing the show. Family Channel will equally be responsible for ordering any additional episodes.

Cast and Crew React to Season 2 of I Woke Up A Vampire Dropping

Warren P. Sonoda posted a long Instagram message about the team behind the show, suggesting that season 2 was the final season. Wrapping up the message, he writes:

“The last 8 episodes of I Woke Up A Vampire drop on @netflix on April 4– if you have young ones who like teenage Vampires, Deadly Fairies and Werewolves, this show is for them! WPS”

Further in the comments, Zebastin Borjeau commented, “This crew was incredible! An awesome group of talents! I miss them each and everyday!”

Given the framing of how they’ve written those posts, plus the fact that both seasons were filmed throughout the summer of 2022 (we’re now two years on) and that most of the cast and crew have been free to work on other projects since then, a renewal may be out of reach.

We have reached out to someone connected to the show to see if it’s accurate to suggest those were the final batch of episodes and will let you know if and when they get back to us.

On Zebastin’s page, however, he’s responded to fans that he hopes they get another season, suggesting the final decision has yet to be made, so there’s still hope.

Do you want to see I Woke Up A Vampire return for a season 3 on Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

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