Will Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath come to Netflix?

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Leah Remini is revealing all in her brand new documentary series based on the Church of Scientology. It joins a growing number of networks that have put the church in their sights and with Netflix yet to join the game with their own look at Scientology so we’re going to look as to whether A&E’s latest series will be coming to Netflix.

The A&E series gives us Leah Remini’s perspective on the church and given she was basically raised as a child within the church she has a pretty good idea of how it operates. The series is spread out across eight episodes and as you can expect, has been strongly condemned by the church, go figure. Leah in many people’s eyes was considered a poster girl for the church.

We think that Netflix will eventually stream this series given Netflix previous ties to A&E picking up some of their most successful shows. However, given the documentary series better than predicted ratings, it may be the case that another streaming service swoops in. If it does come to Netflix, we suspect it’d come around November 2017 at the latest.

In the meantime, A&E are hosting the episodes online through their website although it’s not known for how long so be quick.

What about the other Scientology movies?

While we’re on the topic of Scientology In recent years, there have been two big Scientology movies. One is by HBO called Scientology: Going Clear where it documents the churches practices including a detailed piece of the church’s founder. Because of the way HBO and Netflix conduct its businesses, we wouldn’t expect that ever to be available on Netflix although it is available via Netflix DVD.

The more recent one is done by famous BBC documentarian Louis Theroux which cast actors to play the roles of well-known Scientology figures. This is considered to be too new at the moment to join streaming just yet but like the A&E series, because of ties between the BBC and Netflix, we suspect that it will eventually come although giving a timeframe is extremely difficult.

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