Will ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ be Coming to Netflix?

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It’s been nearly four years since the release of Quentin Tarantino’s last film The Hateful Eight. After an agonizingly long wait, Tarantino’s latest film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is being released in cinemas around the world. But for anyone waiting for the movie to come to Netflix, how long will you be waiting for? Will the film even be coming to the streaming service? Let’s find out if Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is coming to Netflix.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is a comedy-drama written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. The movie is Tarantino’s ninth in his illustrious career as a director. Many actors that have worked with Tarantino have returned to work for the director once more, such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. The film has been acknowledged as “Tarantino’s love letter to the ’60s L.A.” This is also the first film in the director’s career without the involvement of producer Harvey Weinstein.

In final years of Hollywood’s “Golden Age”, veteran television actor Rick Dalton and his stunt double Cliff Boothstrive achieve fame success in the film industry.

Will Once Upon a Time in Hollywood be coming to Netflix US?

It will be a long wait before Netflix has a chance of receiving Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Prior to the collapse of the Weinstein Company, the past three of Quentin Tarantino’s films were distributed by the company. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood now has Sony as its international and domestic distributor.

STARZ is currently in a contract with Sony to receive all of their latest cinematic releases on their streaming service. This contract is in place until 2021.

Sony has decided to change the way they distribute their titles to streaming services. Rather than offering all of their latest cinematic titles in one bundle, instead, they will offer each movie on an individual basis to the highest bidder. This means that streaming services will have to compete with each other to receive Sony’s latest cinematic releases.

Those with Netflix DVD subscription will be able to rent Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in early 2020.

Will Once Upon a Time in Hollywood be coming to other regions?

The latest cinematic releases in the United Kingdom typically end up on Sky and Now TV. Those networks only stream the latest movies for a limited period of time before a different service takes up the license. Netflix UK will likely receive Once Upon a Time in Hollywood once the license ends at Sky and Now TV.

Subscribers in the UK will likely have to wait until 2021 before the movie is available to stream on Netflix.

Canada may receive the film earlier than the US but the relationship between the two countries typically sees Canada receive the latest titles the same time as the US. This means Canadian subscribers could be waiting until 2021.

Australians are best keeping an eye on where Once Upon a Time in Hollywood lands. If it doesn’t land on Netflix then Foxtel or Amazon Prime is your best bet.

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