When will Season 7 of Shameless be on Netflix?

Shameless season 7 is in full swing in its new schedule on Showtime and with that many are wondering when Shameless season 7 will be coming to Netflix. It’s not been confirmed with an official Netflix release date, but we can make a pretty accurate guess as to when it will arrive on Netflix.

The series follows an unconventional family trying to make ends meet with their drunk father at the helm. Season 7 sees Frank trying to make a new family because he’s grown a dislike to his old one. It’s a remake of the British show and along with a handful of other adaptations from British shows, is worth your time.

Shameless is fairly new to Netflix with all of previous six seasons coming in 2016. The first four seasons were added on July 1st, 2016 and the other two seasons were included in the September 2016. The series was added to sit alongside many of Showtimes biggest shows like Dexter.

Unlike previous years, Shameless season 7 moved to a new timeslot. In previous years, the show would start in January and wrap up the following April. In the case of season 7, it began airing in October 2016 and wrapped up on December 18th.

As for when it’ll come to Netflix, we think that’ll it now follow a yearly release format which is when the bad news comes in. We don’t think that you’ll be streaming Shameless season 7 on Netflix until September 2017. Other shows from Showtime always get added just before their new season airs on the network in part to act as a promotion for the new season.

In the meantime, go and watch the first six seasons again and check out some of the alternatives such as Orange is the New Black, Sons of Anarchy and Skins.

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