When will Season 9 of Shameless be on Netflix?

Shameless season 9 courtesy of Showtime

Shameless season 9 is back on Showtime from September 9th onwards and if you’re waiting for it to join Netflix, you’ve come to the right place as we’ve got the potential release date for Shameless season 9 for those in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. 

Every year, Shameless is one of our biggest tracked shows here at What’s on Netflix and it’s no surprise. The heavy hitting drama-comedy is a fan-favourite for good reason. Its fantastic characters and crazy storylines surrounding the Gallagher families keep you glued from start to finish. It’s one of Showtime’s best series at the moment with their other headline shows all now drawing to a close.

Season 9 started on Showtime on September 9th and airs every Sunday at 9 PM Eastern. Sadly, for those in other countries such as Netflix will be your only way of watching season 9 of Shameless but there’ll be quite a wait as we’ll discuss below.

As you may have heard, the show will be facing some major shakeups after season 9 as one of the shows main leads, Emmy Rossum is scheduled to depart.

Netflix US Release Date

For those in the United States, you have the most options for watching the latest season of Shameless. Firstly, you can watch live on Showtime live. Showtime will then move the show onto its catchup platforms whether that’s through the Showtime addons for Hulu or Amazon.

If those aren’t options available to you then you have roughly a year to wait until season 9 is on Netflix. For the past four years, Netflix has released new seasons between June and August and we’re expecting the same for 2019.

Shameless Season 9 Netflix UK Release Date

The United Kingdom has roughly a month longer wait than the United States. The series usually drops in September so that means season 9 will be on Netflix in September 2019.

Other Netflix Regions Release Dates

For those in Australia and Canada, your wait will be the longest with new seasons coming between November and January. At the time of writing, season 8 of Shameless has yet to come to Australia. That means at the earliest you’ll be streaming season 9 in November 2019 and latest January 2020.

Looking forward to the next season of Shameless? Let us know down below.

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