AMC, Showtime, FX & Starz Series Coming to Netflix in 2020

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Despite Netflix throwing most of their efforts into original programming, it still has a few contracts leftover from other cable channels. Here are all the AMC, FX, Starz and Showtime titles coming to Netflix in 2020.

Looking for all the content coming from the big three networks in the US including NBC, ABC, and CBS? Like this list, the titles on the way from those three are slowly drying up.

Note: this list only applies to Netflix in the United States other regions will vary dramatically in some cases.

AMC Series Coming to Netflix in 2020

Only two AMC shows come to Netflix with Into The Badlands having wrapped up in 2019. Its remaining shows are either licensed to Hulu thanks to an output deal or for new shows, like The Walking Dead: World Beyond, they’re not being licensed at all.

The Walking Dead (Season 10)

Expected Netflix Release: September 2019

The Walking Dead has, at least for me, had a bit of a resurgence in recent years even with its slimmed down cast. The main AMC show has now been running for a decade and it looks like it still has legs in it going forward.

Netflix only still gets new seasons of the main show while Fear The Walking Dead heads to Hulu and the brand new third series, World Beyond, isn’t expected to hit any streaming service.

Better Call Saul (Season 4)

Expected Netflix Release: Early 2020

It’s been ages since Better Call Saul was on our screens with season 4 releasing in 2018. Sadly, it’s still yet to come to Netflix as Netflix only gets it when a new season drops.

Season 5 will be releasing on Netflix internationally on a weekly basis in 2020, we’re unsure when it’ll be available on Netflix in the US.

Showtime Series Coming to Netflix in 2020

Although Netflix internationally gets a few more Showtime titles, Netflix in the US only gets one title updated annually.

Shameless (Season 10)

Expected Netflix Release: Q3 2020

Despite having lost its main star, Emmy Rossum, Shameless is still running in true Showtime fashion.

A reduced cast hasn’t stopped Shameless still being enjoyable to watch with more Gallagher disasters around the corner.

FX Series Coming to Netflix in 2020

FX notably supplies its content to Hulu in almost all circumstances. Netflix holds onto several FX shows mainly those with Ryan Murphy’s involvement.

American Crime Story is set to return for a third season in September 2020 with the third season, Impeachment. However, given Netflix only gets those roughly a year after airing, we’re not expecting it to be on Netflix until late 2021.

American Horror Story (Season 9)

Ryan Murphy’s biggest show to date continues to be American Horror Story. The anthology horror series continues to be a ratings juggernaut and the latest season is set during the 1980s.

There is a slight chance Netflix could lose American Horror Story given recent news about Hulu being the new permanent home of FX content but we’ve yet to hear anything yet.

POSE (Season 2)

POSE is the other Ryan Murphy series we expect Netflix to get getting at some point in the new year.

The flamboyant series is all about the late 1980s in New York and the culture changes the city is going through.

Starz Series Coming to Netflix in 2020

Outlander (Season 4)

Netflix Release: Unknown

The period drama that has a huge audience dropped on Netflix quietly in 2019 and has seen three seasons added thus far.

It’s not technically a Starz show (as per a few other caveats on this list) but Sony who actually licenses Outlander to Netflix. The reason we can’t give a definitive date is that Netflix hasn’t been getting new seasons in any sort of coherent release schedule. All we know is that we’re expecting more in 2020.

What shows on this list are you looking forward to catching in 2020? Let us know in the comments.

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