‘One Strange Rock’ Leaving Netflix in January 2020

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One Strange Rock Leaving Netflix January 2020

One Strange Rock – Picture: National Geographic

National Geographic’s One Strange Rock is scheduled to leave Netflix in the New Year with the series likely earmarked for its new permanent home on Disney+. Here’s why the docuseries is leaving, why you should give it and we’ll look at what else is leaving Netflix in January 2020.

Note: Only Netflix in the United States is currently scheduled to see One Strange Rock removed. Countries and regions such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, South America, Latin America, European and Asia are not currently showing removal dates.

The documentary series from National Geographic is narrated by Will Smith and is a nature documentary but shot from the perspective of eight astronauts. Through some fantastic filming and CG shots, it documents our fragile and beautiful planet that we all call home.

All 10 episodes of One Strange Rock are scheduled to leave Netflix on January 1st, 2020.

With the removal of One Strange Rock from Netflix, the National Geographic content on Netflix will be fairly small. It’ll leave the two seasons of Mars which only recently saw season 2 hit Netflix.

Why is National Geographic content leaving Netflix? As you may know, National Geographic is owned by 20th Century Fox which is now owned by Disney. National Geographic is front and centre on the new Disney+ streaming service which is why the network has been pulling its shows from streaming providers in favor of having them exclusively available on Disney+.

January 1st is going to be a bloodbath in some respects for Netflix with two major sitcoms set to leave Netflix on New Year’s Day. Both Frasier and Friends entire collections are set to leave Netflix. That’s not to mention Netflix also recently took a significant loss in the nature documentary department thanks to the removal of all the BBC Earth content.

While Netflix does have more documentaries in the pipeline itself, it’ll likely need another third-party provider at some point to help bridge the holes now showing clearly in its library.

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