Every Christmas Episode from ‘That ’70s Show’ on Netflix

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That ’70s Show Christmas Episodes – Picture: Carsey-Werner

Looking for a binge through of all the Christmas episodes from That ’70s Show? We’re here to help with a handy guide of how to watch every Christmas episode from the sitcom in order and convenient links to start doing so on Netflix right now.

This could be the last time you can watch through the Christmas episodes of That ’70s Show as the contract that Netflix holds for the series is due to be renewed in January. We’re hoping Netflix renews That ’70s Show as losing it will be a giant loss for the Netflix library.

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Thanksgiving (Season 1 – Episode 9)

We’re going to include all the Thanksgiving episodes here too as the holiday shares plenty of similarities to Christmas and generally marked the beginning of the holidays too. In episode 9 that aired on November 22nd, 1998, we see Laurie bring home her new friend who immediately latches onto Eric.

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The Best Christmas Ever (Season 1 – Episode 12)

In the first-ever proper Christmas special that aired on TV on December 13th, 1998 the gang throws an alternative holiday party. The next episode (episode 13 – Ski Trip) could also be considered a wintery episode too as the gang heads out skiing.

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Hyde’s Christmas Rager (Season 3 – Episode 9)

Season 2 skipped out on Christmas but returned for episode 9 in season 3. Airing on December 19th, 2000 the episode sees Hyde getting a fatherhood lesson from Red.

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An Eric Forman Christmas (Season 4 – Episode 12)

The season 4 Christmas episode arrived on December 18th, 2001. As the title of the episode suggests, Eric takes control of Christmas and is dubbed “the wildest holiday show ever!”.

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Thank You (Season 5 – Episode 8)

The second Thanksgiving episode in the history for That ’70s Show aired on December 3rd in 2002. In this episode, Eric is struggling to keep his secret about failing math and his engagement with Donna.

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Christmas (Season 6 – Episode 7)

Debuting on December 17th, 2003 comes the season 6 Christmas. Simply titled, “Christmas”, it has many plot lines happening all at once. Eric meets a girl at a dance whereas Red gets a job at the local mall as Santa Clause.

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Winter (Season 7 – Episode 11)

The final Christmas episode came in the penultimate season of That ’70s Show. Airing on December 15th, 2004 the final Christmas episode saw Kelso bringing the Christmas spirit to the gang with a huge bag of toys.

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Still not sure which episode to watch or just forgotten about them all? We’ve been provided with a helpful top 5 video.

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