‘Frasier’ is Leaving Netflix in December 2019

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Frasier – Picture: CBS

NBC’s Frasier will soon be departing from Netflix as CBS looks to pull their content away from Netflix over the next few years. Here’s when Frasier is leaving, why Frasier is leaving and where it’ll stream next. 

Frasier seasons 1 through to 10 are are scheduled to leave on December 31st, 2019. That’s a day before Friends is currently scheduled to be removed from Netflix. Frasier: The Final Season is also scheduled to be removed from Netflix on December 31st.

Netflix in the United States is the only region to currently carry Frasier. Netflix US first saw the entire Frasier library back in April 2015.

Although the series first aired on NBC, it’s actually owned and distributed by CBS. CBS has been removing a large selection of their titles from Netflix as of later and it only made sense that Frasier eventually followed suit. It could also come as a streaming service, perhaps CBS All Access will be premiering the long-rumored reboot of Frasier.

Although Frasier hasn’t seen the same sort of resurgence in recent years as say, Friends, it’s still an influential sitcom that ranked highly in our top list of sitcoms on Netflix.

It leaves Netflix in a month chock full of big titles scheduled to be removed including the BBC Earth library, Merlin, CBS’s animated Star Trek series and two Disney movies.

Kelsey Grammer who features in Frasier has appeared in one Netflix Original in recent years. He played the role of Kristen Bell’s father in the movie “Like Father” which released in August 2018.

This doesn’t look good for Cheers which is still also on Netflix. As we predicted a few months ago, we’re currently expecting Cheers to follow Frasier away from Netflix during the course of 2020 but our best guess is July 2020.

Will you miss Frasier once it leaves Netflix in December 2019? Let us know in the comments.

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