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‘Better Call Saul’ Release Schedule Announced for Netflix

If you’re a bit like me then you’ve probably been very impatient when it came to wait for Better Call Saul. The new series which is a Netflix Original in the majority of Netflix regions with the exception of USA and Canada many fans are wondering what the release schedule will be like. Well we’re here to report that you’ll be getting it in weekly instalments in the same fashion as we saw with the final season of Breaking Bad last year. As a new show is aired on network television over in the states, Netflix users will soon be able to stream that episode a few hours later on the service.

The Worldwide Release Schedule (Exc. USA & Canada)

As mentioned we’ll be receiving the first episode shortly after its aired in the USA with the second episode then streaming the day after. After the initial two episodes you can expect to see it coming on a more weekly basis. Here’s what the schedule looks like.

  • Episode 1 – Monday 9th February at 7pm (GMT)
  • Episode 2 – Tuesday 10th February at 7pm (GMT)
  • Episode 3 to 10 – Every subsequent Tuesday at 7pm (GMT)

United States and Canada Release

Fans of Better Call Saul don’t have to be too disappointed as it’s been announced the Better Call Saul will be streaming with all 10 episodes when the finale has aired on Netflix. How long after the finale has aired is unclear however it’s noted that Netflix tends to be pretty speedy when it comes to their originals so expect it to be probably a day or two.

That also doesn’t mean you have to wait either. Better Call Saul will be showing on AMC’s on Monday nights with the exception of episode 1 which will air on Sunday 8th February. The episodes will go out at 10pm ET every episode.

Just a quick catch up for anyone that’s been living under a rock the past few months. Better Call Saul is a prequel to the highest rated TV series of all time, Breaking Bad. While the series doesn’t include Walter White or his companion Jessie Pinkman it’s expected they may make a return a few series in. The series primarily focusses on Saul Goodman, a small time lawyer who has a knack for getting into trouble. Many of the crew and cast are reprising their roles which they played throughout Breaking Bad which is a good sign for the series. Netflix announced early last year that it’d have the exclusivity of the series in many of the regions it operates in.

This post was last updated on December 14th, 2016 at 8:43 AM

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