‘Black Mirror’ Season 6 Episode 4 ‘Mazey Day’ Ending Explained

Here is the ending explained to 'Mazey Day' episode 4 of season 6 of Black Mirror.

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Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 4 Mazey Day Explained

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For anyone confused about the ending to the fourth episode of season 6 of Black Mirror then allow us to try and help! We’ll also be covering the remaining episodes of Black Mirror season 6, but here is the ending explained to Mazey Day.

Mazey Day is the fourth episode of Black Mirror’s sixth season, directed by Uta Briesewitz and written by Charlie Brooker.

Here’s the basic premise of the episode:

“A troubled starlet is dogged by invasive paparazzi while dealing with the consequences of a hit-and-run incident.’

Mazey Day Ending Explained

Bo attempted to walk away from the paparazzi lifestyle, however, the idea of a payday worth up to 40 grand was too good an offer to pass up so she decides to pursue the coveted first picture of Mazey Day. Meanwhile, Mazey, with seemingly no access to drugs, is struggling with going cold turkey, and the traumatization of the hit and run, so she ends up trashing the home she is hiding from the public in.
clara rugaard Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 4 Mazey Day Explained

Picture. Clara Rugaard as Mazey Day – Netflix

Bo attempts to follow the car she thinks Mazey is in, however, when the car pulls into a diner she continues to follow, but the wheels of her car are punctured by the driver as he tries to ensure Bo stops following them. However, an opportunity presents itself once again when Bo learns from Terry the waiter at the diner that there is a nearby rehab where his uncle works, and someone has hired the entire place out for the weekend.
zazie beetz Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 4 Mazey Day Explained

Picture. Zazie Beetz as Bo – Netflix

Enlisting the help of Hector, they find the rehab but are followed by Whitty and Duke, as they placed a tracker under Hector’s motorbike engine. Finding a hole in the fence they gain access to the rehab and quickly discover the cabin where Mazey is being held.
They find Mazey inside, who has been chained to the bed by her neck. Realizing how illegal, and extreme these methods are to get Mazey to come clean, Bo breaks in and tries to set her free. Meanwhile, Hector, Whitty, and Duke are busy taking pictures of Mazey.
Ominously, Mazey tells them all to leave, but it’s too late, the light from the full moon shines upon her, revealing that she is not privately attending rehab, but she was bitten by a werewolf after running one over in the Czech Republic.
Upon transforming she kills Whitty and pursues the others that are fleeing. Duke gets stuck while attempting to escape, and once Hector realizes Duke is done for, he attempts to steal his camera. Mazey swiftly kills a terrified and trapped Duke. Bo and Hector get an innocent man killed by Mazey after their bike crashes into his car, however, they don’t stick around for long and flee to the diner from before.
robbie tann Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 4 Mazey Day Explained

Picture. Robbie Tann as Whitty – Netflix

Inside they attempt to barricade the door, much to the confusion of Terry, Sheriff Clay, and the other patrons. Hector notices Mazey has arrived, but it’s too late she has killed Jesse the cook who was outside, and found her way into the diner.
In the ensuing chaos nearly everyone is killed, including Terry who is accidentally shot by Sheriff Clay. Thanks to the gun falling by Bo’s feet, she is able to shoot Mazey before she is killed. A dying Hector gives Bo the camera containing all of the photographs of Mazy transforming into a werewolf. Meanwhile, in a pool of her own blood, Mazy lies injured and requests Bo to shoot and kill her. Bo continues to stare at Mazey, pondering her request, before picking up the gun and placing it into the actress’s hand, she then raises the lens of her camera, ready for the money shot.
As the camera pans outside of the diner, the flash of both camera and gun are seen as Mazy ends her own life, and Bo is there to capture the moment and secure payday.

Are werewolves Hollywood’s greatest secret?

The existence of werewolves is evidently known among very few people. The fact that there is a Doctor that is able to diagnose Mazey’s lycanthropy, suggests that this is not the first werewolf he has tended to.

As to how many werewolves there are in Hollywood remains to be seen. But thanks to Bo, the existence of werewolves is about to be blown wide open.

Will any of the victims at the diner become werewolves?

We can only assume that everyone attacked by Mazey died, including Hector, who had his throat ripped out. It is unlikely that he would be able to recover from an injury that severe and transform at the next full moon.

Can Hollywood cover this up?

The pictures now in Mazey’s possession are worth an absolute fortune. It will be the easiest, and bloodiest payday of Bo’s career, however, if she is taken into questioning by the police, the camera could be away as evidence, which will lose her payday, and risks the pictures never seeing the light of day.
Bo is best to sell the pictures as swiftly as possible and move on with her life before there could be any attempt to cover the incident up. Assuming she sells the pictures to her normal contact, distributing the photos to the masses won’t be a problem.

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