‘Bright 2’ on Netflix: Filming Begins Fall 2020


It’s been over two years since the announcement that Bright would be receiving a sequel, and finally details are starting to emerge. We’ll be keeping track of everything Bright 2 related, including any casting news, plot, trailers, and the Netflix release date.

Bright 2 is an upcoming Netflix Original fantasy-thriller and the sequel to the 2017 film Bright. Replacing David S. Goyer as the director is Louis Leterrier, but Goyer is still involved in the writing team, along with T.S. Nowlin and Evan Spiliotopoulos.

Netflix has come a long way with its line up of Original films since Bright dropped in 2017, but at the time it was one of the most-watched Originals by the streaming service. Critics took a heavy stance against the fantasy feature, but with the positive response from audiences around the globe paved the way for the sequel to be greenlit.

Thousands of years after the Dark Lord was defeated, humans, orcs, elves, and other magical species now co-exist, and live together in the modern world. Two LAPD police officers, a human, Daryl Ward, and an orc, Nick Jakoby, while on a routine patrol discover a young elf with a magic wand. Hunted by a renegade faction intent on resurrecting the Dark Lord, Ward and Jakoby must protect the young elf and the wand from harm.

When is the Bright 2 Netflix Release Date?

Now that we know roughly when filming begins for Bright 2, it becomes slightly easier to predict the film’s release date.

Our prediction is that Bright 2 is likely to follow in its predecessor’s footsteps, and will be released during the holiday season 2021.

Which cast members are returning for Bright 2?

Despite the fact, we’ve known that Bright 2 was happening at Netflix for a while now, the only two names confirmed so far are the returning faces of Will Smith and Joel Edgerton.

At the time of writing we’re still waiting for confirmation that the following actors are returning for Bright 2:

  • Edgar Ramirez – Kandomere
  • Lucy Fry – Tikka
  • Happy Anderson – Montehugh
  • Dawn Olivieri – Sherri Ward

What can we expect to see from Bright 2?

We’re expecting to see plenty of our Bright questions answered in the upcoming sequel:

What are Brights?

In dramatic fashion Ward learned that he is a Bright, a title typically reserved for Elves that could wield magic wands. As a human, Ward shouldn’t have been able to wield the wand without dying, but incredibly he survived.

What we’re hoping to learn is, what makes Ward special? Is there elvish blood in Ward’s family? Is Ward the first known human to be a Bright?

Is there another prophecy, one that involves a human being able to wield magic for themselves? Or is Ward simply a descendant of Sargon the Great, the great wizard who ruled the Akkadian Empire and was murdered by the Dark Lord?

Jakoby the Blooded

Nick Jakoby previously belonged to a family of unblooded Orcs and would feel his teeth to better fit in with the other species.

After his heroic act of saving his partner Ward from the building fire caused by magic, Dorghu of the Fogteeth Clan officially recognized Jakoby as a “blooded” Orc.

Thanks to Jakoby’s resurrection, the Fogteeth clan recognize revere Jakoby as a divine being, believing him to be the Orc of prophecy, possibly the second coming of Jirak, an unblooded orc who lead the nine armies against the Dark Lord and the first Bright.

Tikka takes the fight to the Inferni

Tikka was previously an Inferni elf, before fleeing the group and being sheltered by the Shield of Light.

If the young elf is to take the fight to the Inferni she’ll likely join up with more Shield of Light members. As a former Inferni elf, she’ll have great inside information on the ongoings of the renegade elf faction.

The Dark Lord returns?

Despite losing a wand, and Leilah’s death at the hands of Ward, this won’t stop the remaining Inferni seeking out the three magic wands so they can resurrect the Dark Lord.

With so much emphasis surrounding prophecies, it would be anti-climatic if the Dark Lord didn’t return in some capacity.

What is the production status of Bright 2?

Official Production Status: Filming Scheduled (Last Updated: 07/05/2020)

Thanks to one of our sources, we’ve learned that filming for Bright 2 is scheduled to begin Fall 2020.

Are you looking forward to the release of Bright 2 on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!



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