Burning Questions for Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why

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Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why answered a lot of questions for us. It was emotional, heartbreaking and certainly intriguing. There were many scenes that were difficult to watch, particularly those that were more graphic than others – would it have had as much impact without them? I doubt it. However, there were also moments in the show that created closure and satisfaction. Despite the series ending with that closure for Hannah Baker and those affected by her suicide, there are still so many questions that need to be answered. The story was left unfinished and now we’re hoping for more.

Be warned – there are spoilers ahead.

What’s it all about?

The show covers a myriad of challenges that teenagers face while in school. The producers of the show decided to show these challenges in a some-what brutal, honest and creative way. The story focuses on Hannah Baker, who felt so overwhelmed by her demons that she took her own life. So, 13 Reasons Why is about her journey to making that decision – she left tapes which describe why she decided to commit suicide. Each tape builds up to the moment that she couldn’t cope anymore. The show delves into the silence that teenagers have – the reasons for not being able to speak out. However, they speak out in their own ways and it only takes one person to notice in order for it to have a substantial impact.

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13 Reasons Why teaches us that it’s okay to speak out if you’re not feeling like yourself anymore. Growing up can be a tough journey and it’s impossible to know what each individual is going through. It makes us think about the actions we take and how we affect those around us. We must be vigilant and not be afraid to challenge rumours. We must stand together to help those around us. We must take care of each other. We must not be afraid to be unique.

13 Reasons Why is not just a story about Hannah Baker. It’s about the stories of those around her and the second season sees this more than ever. Hannah’s story is tragic but so are the stories of the other characters. Hannah may be gone and her story is at peace but season two opened up so many new doors to venture through… That’s why we need a season 3.

Let’s take a look at some of the things we need answering in series 3 – that’s if it gets renewed, of course.

Bryce Walker

Let’s start with the guy that got away… Bryce Walker. He’s the most popular person in school and many would say that he did not get what he deserved. There were many girls that felt victimised by his actions and Bryce does not seem to fathom why what he has done is so wrong. In fact, he pretty much denies the whole thing.

There are questions looming about the future for Bryce Walker. After only getting 3 months probation and the revelation that he gets to ‘start over’ in another school – why didn’t he get a stronger punishment? If a season 3 were to be created, I don’t think I stand alone in saying that Bryce needs to get what’s coming to him. The girls who have been on the receiving end of this character have to suffer a lifetime of bad memories and emotions yet Bryce gets off lightly and can transfer schools.

The other big revelation in the show was that his girlfriend, Chloe, is pregnant. After violating even his girlfriend’s trust (let alone Jess, Hannah and so many more…) he doesn’t deserve a family. Those of you who have watched 13 Reasons Why: Beyond the Reasons will know that the producers decided to give Bryce this level of punishment to get people talking.

There needs to come a time when he must pay though… right?

Tyler Down

Season 2 has shown many sides of Tyler. He’s finally able to fit in with people who are like him, so much so that he ends up showing his angry side. He’s been able to control his emotions, even when times got tough. He’s turned into someone nobody thought and almost done something he’d regret.

Tyler’s sexual assault scene was by far the most excruciating to watch… It hurt to see and many may feel that this was too much for viewers. I know it had me covering my eyes and clenching my teeth. Yet, somehow, it needed to be shared. It’s something that needs to be talked about to show that it’s okay to not be okay.

After all of that and Tyler’s seemingly smoother attitude to being back at school that day, it was easy to feel like he’d turned a page. How terribly wrong that assumption was. Tyler’s actions at the end of the show featured him about to go beyond the point of no return… It caused a true ‘WTF?’ moment.

So, our question is: what happens to Tyler next and what is he going to do? Is he beyond repair?

Justin Foley

During season 1 of the show, it was difficult to like Justin. He was not an honest person, he allowed his life-long friend to get away with raping his girlfriend, Jessica. This all changes in season 2.

It’s obvious that Justin was so broken by his inability to lose his buddy and he ended up living on the streets and getting addicted to drugs. After Clay lured him back in order to testify in Hannah’s case, we saw a different side to him. Justin looked weak – he looked like he couldn’t cope and that gave us reason to like him again.

One of the most annoying things in season 2 is that Justin does not seem to know as much as we first thought. How does someone who was part of the most popular group in school and best friends with the King not have any answers?

However, I cannot be alone in saying that I was glad to see Justin and Jessica reunite in the final episode. It was exciting compared to Jessica’s lacklustre relationship with Alex. The fact that Jessica could finally feel at ease with someone after being traumatised by Bryce is such an achievement. It always was Justin but is he the best person for her?

So the main question here is what is going to happen between them? How will these events unfold in a new series? Surely the show is about being honest and the realisation that you should avoid hurting those you love. This love triangle is going to be a problem. It’s Alex that will be on edge.

Hannah Baker

It’s all about Hannah Baker… until it’s not. In season 2 Hannah only appeared as a figment of Clay’s mind. Everyone was talking about Hannah but only Clay could see her. I truly believe that Hannah’s exit in the show was done smoothly – her trial came to an end and everyone was finally able to let go. Her memory will never be forgotten, though.

So – what is next for Hannah Baker? If a third series were to be confirmed, surely there isn’t much left to tell. Hannah’s gone. The only way she could still be kept alive is through Clay and his struggle to let her go. However, we also saw him find peace and this can clearly signify that he’s ready to start again.

It’s not about Hannah anymore, which is probably why Katherine Langford posted on Instagram revealing that her character’s story is over. Katherine also noted that she is going on to pursue other projects.

Perhaps there’s no question here about Hannah for series 3, only whether she will be put to rest forever.

Is it too graphic?

Well, the show is meant to be controversial. Yes, there are scenes that are difficult to watch. Yes, there are topics that are tough to talk about. Yes, there are many things we can disagree with in the show.

Isn’t that what it’s all about? A show like this needs to arouse questions. It needs people to get talking to ensure that a difference is made.

There’s a reason why the Polaroid pictures are so real, there’s a reason why the sexual assault scenes are shown and there’s a reason why Bryce did not get the vicious punishment that he deserves. It’s all to get us to disagree. Let’s face it… if we disagree, we have strong feelings about it. If we have strong feelings about it, we can make a difference in someone else’s life. It’s about protecting those around us and trying to make sure that nobody goes through what Hannah Baker and those around her went through.

Most of all – it’s about showing that it’s okay to talk about our troubles. People can judge but that’s only because they don’t know the whole story.

Should there be a season 3?

In case you didn’t get the vibes in this article, yes there should be a season 3. Why? Because there are so many questions left unanswered. It may be the end of Hannah’s story but there are many other stories to be told. Not to mention Clay and Justin’s interesting relationship that developed in season 2.

The acting in 13 Reasons Why is commendable. The drama, the emotion and the realism that is created are incredible. It must take so much courage to portray someone going through those issues and we believed every emotion they made us feel.

Don’t be afraid to speak out. Silence is the worst remedy for heartache.

We think there should be another season, do you?

Burning Questions for Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why

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