Most Watched Movies & TV Series on Netflix in June 2020

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Welcome to a new feature from us at What’s On Netflix. We’ll be combining the new ‘what’s popular’ Netflix metric with its daily top 10 movies and series list to find out the top 10 movies and TV series for the month. 

We’d like to thank FlixPatrol who are collaborating with us for this list: they hold global data for many streaming services around the world including Netflix.

This list works by giving each of the top 10 places throughout the month a points value, and adding them up throughout the month. So if a title is number one for a day, it gets a higher point value than a title at number 10.

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A few quick observations we’ve had this month:

  • All but one TV series (Avatar: The Last Airbender) in the top 10 were Netflix Originals. That’s despite the fact Netflix got some great new licensed content in the US including Hannibal (which did feature in the top 10s)
  • Older licensed kids movies continue to do well in the movie top 10. This is likely what Disney+ sees too with kids slapping on movies ad nauseam and is no doubt spurred on from the fact most kids remain at home.
  • The list is dominated by either newly released titles or titles that have recently dropped onto Netflix. Fresh content dominates this month’s lists in particular.

Before we get into this list – a couple of caveats. Newer titles have less time to accrue points so this list can sometimes favor releases from earlier in the month. Secondly, it’s only for the United States. Other regions content varies wildly in some cases, so this doesn’t point a global picture.

Now, let’s get into the full list of what’s been popular on Netflix in the US this past month:

Top 10 Movies on Netflix for June 2020

1. 365 Days

Points: 220

Who could’ve seen this one coming? The Polish 50 Shades of Grey-esque movie that has rocked Netflix by being a viral sensation. If you have logged into Tiktok, Instagram or any other major social network site, the chances are you’ve found out about this one.

It’s been a global hit and the US was no different. It’s been in the top 10 every day since its June 6th release date and at the time of publishing, was at the number two spot.

2. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Points: 124

This movie works into our thesis that a lot of kids are at home watching all the animated content Netflix has to offer.

One caveat, of course, is that the movie only dropped on Netflix on June 1st which is why it’s probably better promoted up the Netflix algorithm and hence its high position.

3. The Help

Points: 110

Another June 1st addition which has done well throughout the month is The Help. The star-studded drama scored an Oscar when it released nine years ago, and has gotten plenty of attention since its re-addition to Netflix, both negative and positive.

Its residence in the top 10 is probably somewhat due to the significance of the story given the current Black Lives Matter movement.

Here’s how the remaining top 10 looks for June 2020:

4. The Nut Job – 84 points
5. The Last Days of American Crime – 82 points
6. Da 5 Bloods – 81 points
7. Feel the Beat – 80 points
8. Clueless – 79 points
9. Lost Bullet – 65 points
10. Uncut Gems – 62 points

Top 10 TV Series on Netflix for June 2020

1. Space Force

Points: 225

Despite some absolutely devastating critic reviews, it turns out that Space Force was a hit for Netflix, at least by the top 10s.

Having been at the top of the charts for most of June (at least until 13 Reasons Why and Floor is Lava came after it), it’s safe to say that viewers wanted to see the return of Steve Carrell in a comedy series.

It’s also worth noting that The Office has also featured multiple times throughout June.

2. 13 Reasons Why

Points: 219

The final season of 13 Reasons Why being in the top 10 as much as it was proved why Netflix was right to give the series multiple seasons when it was originally intended to be a mini-series.

Despite a severe drop in quality, it didn’t stop audiences from lapping up the final season of the teen drama.

3. Avatar: The Last Airbender

Points: 167

For Avatar: The Last Airbender to still be in the daily top tens let alone in the top three of the month is seriously impressive.

The three-season Nickelodeon series was added to Netflix back on May 15th and eventually hit the number one spot several days later.

We could’ve also seen a resurgence in the title given the quality of the series was lifted to be in HD.

Here’s how the rest of the top 10 list looks for TV series:

4. Jeffery Epstein: Filthy Rich – 130 points
5. Floor is Lava – 110 points
6. The Order – 108 points
7. Fuller House – 91 points
8. Sweet Magnolias – 73 points
9. Queer Eye – 58 points
10. F is for Family –  56 points

What have you been watching this month on Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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