Daybreak Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status & Release Date

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Putting the fun back into the apocalypse this year was Netflix’s latest post-apocalyptic series, Daybreak. After an incredibly enjoyable and fun first season, many subscribers will be wondering if Netflix is renewing Daybreak? And, when could we expect to see the second season of Daybreak arrive on Netflix? Let’s find out.

Daybreak is a Netflix Original post-apocalyptic comedy-drama loosely based on the comic book series of the same name by American cartoonist, Brian Ralph. While there are parallels between the comic and tv series, the tone is vastly different. While the series exhibits plenty of dark-comedy, there’s also plenty of camp quirky fun to accompany it. Ralph’s comic book series is excellent but is arguably far darker than its TV series counterpart.

What is the Netflix renewal status of Daybreak?

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Pending (Last Updated: 28/10/2019)

At the time of writing, Netflix has yet to renew Daybreak for a second season.

Netflix is well known for taking its time to renew series, despite their release several months ago titles such as Black Summer and Tidelands are still waiting to be renewed. Assuming Daybreak has a great first month on Netflix we could see an update as early as November/December. Our notion is that Daybreak will return for a second season.

What to expect from the second season?

There were plenty of twists and turns throughout the first season of Daybreak, but the defining moment that sets up a second season was that twist ending. After successfully stopping Principal Burr and launching the nuclear bomb into space, it looked like we were about to receive a happy ending. Amidst the celebrations of victory, Josh once again declared his love for Sam, only for her to openly reject him.

Josh is one of the few to survive the first six months of the apocalypse and not see a radical change in himself. That was one of Sam’s criticisms towards her ex-boyfriend, along with rejecting the notion that she is a “damsel in distress that needs to be saved” by Josh. Instead, Sam learned what she could become and decided to take the apocalypse by its hypothetical balls and declare herself the leader of the jocks and the other surviving factions that fought.

It’s clear that Sam is now the villain, and will be the big bad of season two.

Sam the Villain

With the jocks and other factions under her control, Sam, in one fell swoop, has become one of the strongest leaders of Greendale. The only factions not to show open support to Sam at the end were; Josh, Angelica, Wesley, Turbo, the remaining Daybreakers and The Cheermazons. Not to mention everyone’s favorite ghoul Ms. Crumble.

It’s unclear what sort of leader Sam will become. Many people, like Josh, love the idea of ‘Sam Dean’, and she can use that to her advantage to manipulate her followers. Tyrannical dictator content to control her own territory with an iron first or will she seek to expand her little empire and take full control of Greendale? The only person likely to stand in her way is Josh and the Daybreakers.

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Josh the Hero

Every good villain needs a great hero. Josh, after suffering more heartbreak at the hands of Sam, will become the reluctant hero again. He was able to unite all of the mall survivors into the Daybreakers, not to mention Josh united some of the remaining factions to take on the Jocks under Principal Burr’s control.

Just like Sam, Josh is able to inspire people but his spirit may wilt due to the actions of Sam. Once Sam becomes an open threat to the Daybreakers and the other factions of Greendale, we could see an epic battle between two warring factions.

Will the Ghoulies evolve?

The full power and mutation of the Ghoulies have yet to be explained. We’ve seen some hints of what is to come from Ms. Crumble and Principle Burr, but this won’t be the last.

Principle Burr even gave a cryptic warning:

You were so busy fighting fighting each other, you haven’t seen the real threat coming.

If we are to assume the other Ghoulies have the same mutation that Principle Burr exhibited, then the kids will have a real fight on their hands in the second season.

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Josh’s love interest

This will be the break up of all high school break ups if Sam and Josh go to war in season two. Sam, making it abundantly clear that she has no interest in Josh anymore, will move on. Josh, on the other hand, is rash and emotional and will be cut up by her actions and may take time for him to move on.

KJ is the obvious choice to help Josh move on from Sam, as she almost did in season one. She may still feel betrayed over Josh’s commitment to Sam, even after they spent the night together. KJ is exactly the person Josh needs to move on from Sam.

Out in left field could be Mavis, the girlfriend of the now-dead Eli. There’s still every chance Mavis may not even exist, her cryptic responses to Josh’s questions may mean she her existence is completely fabricated.

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When is the Daybreak season 2 release?

At the time of writing it’s unclear when we can expect to see Daybreak season two on Netflix. That doesn’t stop us from speculating though.

Assuming the series is renewed within a month of release, it will still be a long wait for season two.

Principal photography for Daybreak began in October 2018 and concluded in April 2019. It’s unclear how long the post-production process was.

At the earliest, we aren’t expecting to see Daybreak return until late 2020. The more realistic release date is Q1 or Q2 of 2021.

Would you like to see another season of Daybreak? Let us know in the comments below!