One Day at a Time Canceled by Netflix After 3 Seasons

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Another Original has sadly bit the dust with the latest news that the sitcom One Day at a Time has been canceled after only 3 seasons. We’ll look into why Netflix has come to the decision to cancel the series and how fans and the cast have reacted to the news online.

Netflix has faced plenty of criticism as of late thanks to the number of shows the streaming giant has canceled over the past few months. With the Marvel shows canceled, Friends From College, The Good Cop and Travelers not to mention plenty of other titles over the years subscribers have started to show a lack of trust in Netflix’s productions. That’s not to say Netflix hasn’t seen great success with fantastic titles such as Stranger Things and Ozark, but the number of cancelations has become concerning and soon it may become even harder for subscribers to grow attached to their new favorite Original in fear of cancelation.


One Day at a Time was a Netflix Original sitcom based on the 70s sitcom of the same name. The series has been highly praised across its three-year run thanks to its handling of sensitive topics such as racism, alcoholism, domestic abuse, misogyny, and issues faced in the LGBT community. It took a grassroots movement last year to see a renewal of the third season but sadly Netflix has opted not to renew for a fourth season. The cancelation was confirmed by various news outlets and a tweet from the official Netflix twitter.

Those behind the twitter account would also go on to thank all of those involved in the creation of the show. Due to the show having a fantastic representation for the LGBT community Netflix would also ask those who felt represented by the show not to take cancelation as viewing their story as unimportant.

Cast and Creator Cancelation Reaction

Everyone involved with the show has been deeply saddened by the news that Netflix has chosen to cancel One Day at a Time. Co-Creator Mike Royce released a statement on Twitter expressing his love for the show and how much he enjoyed working with an amazing cast and crew. This isn’t the end for One Day at a Time as Sony will explore other networks to give One Day at a Time a new home.

The cast members also expressed their love of working on the show.

The creator of the original 70s sitcom Norman Lear was deeply saddened by the news of Cancelation. Lear also took to Twitter to express his feelings:

*Insert norman lear tweet*

Fan reactions to cancelation

There has been a great outcry and dissapointment at the cancelation of One Day at a Time.

In less than 24 hours a fan petition on has almost met its 25,000 target asking Netflix for renewal. We expect many more to follow and to sign the petition!

Why this isn’t the end for One Day at a Time

As we briefly mentioned above this isn’t the end for One Day at a Time as we know it. Sony the studio responsible for the production of the sitcom will now be looking for another network to pick up the title. The news of cancelation has already picked up huge amounts of steam, many studios will see the potential One Day at a Time holds. Negotiations may take some time to take place but One Day at a Time may have just become the hottest sitcom available on the market. With unparalleled support from fans both in and out of the LGBT community, we expect One Day at a Time to find a permanent home soon.

We at What’s on Netflix would like to express our own thanks for the astounding work carried out by the team behind the wonderful sitcom. While this isn’t the end for the show we are deeply saddened the series will be leaving Netflix.

What are your thoughts on the cancelation of One Day at a Time? Let us know in the comments below!

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