Campaign for Netflix to Save ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ reaches 100k signatures

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Santa Clarita Diet season 3 now on Netflix

Santa Clarita Diet’s campaign to be saved on has just reached 100,000 signatures having now been canceled for just three days. It follows a massive fan outcry for Netflix to reverse the decision.

As we reported on late Friday night, Netflix made the decision to not give the popular comedy Santa Clarita Diet a fourth season. Although it didn’t state officially why it canceled the show, most Netflix cancelations are usually related to ballooning costs and dwindling viewership numbers.

Reactions to the cancelation came in thick and fast on a Friday which is usually when Netflix cancels its shows to bury the news.

As we’ve spoken about several times here at What’s on Netflix, Netflix is struggling to create shows that get renewed year after year. In the comedy genre, only Grace and Frankie, Orange is the New Black, Bojack Horseman, F is for Family and Fuller House making it past three seasons. That’s out of dozens of shows that have either just begun or seen cancelations since.

Very few members of the cast and crew have posted their reactions online so far with Liv Hewson who plays Abby saying this:

The biggest petition passed 100,000 signatures as of 7:00 PM EST on April 30th with many more signatures being added every hour.

The campaign is one of a number of ways fans of the show are trying to renew the show. The other ways people are trying to get Santa Clarita Diet renewed for season 4 include social media platforms and the official means of requesting titles to Netflix.

It’s got a little way to go in beating the biggest campaign to Netflix thus far. Sense8 was canceled back in 2017 and managed to garner over 500,000 signatures but was successful in getting a response and a half-win. The series was granted a final episode in the form of a 2-hour special to wrap up the story and bring the show to a proper close.

Many are now requesting that Netflix carries out

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