‘GLOW’ Season 4: Production Postponed & What To Expect From Final Season

GLOW – Picture: Netflix

GLOW is returning to Netflix for a fourth and final season as confirmed in September 2019 but its release date may not be for a while as production has been halted due to the coronavirus outbreak. Here’s what we know about the fourth season of the show including what we can expect from the story and reactions to the renewal. 

GLOW has been one of the most refreshing shows on Netflix in the past few years, gaining its own fiercely loyal fanbase. There’s a phenomenal blend of great drama and comedic moments that makes GLOW one of the best Originals available on Netflix to date.

The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling have hit the road and headed to sin city! Season 3 takes us to Vegas which holds brand new challenges for the girls as they attempt to reinvigorate the popularity of the all-female wrestling promotion.

GLOW Season 4 Netflix Renewal Status & Production Status

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Renewed (Last Updated: 09/20/2019)

There’s an ongoing perception that Netflix Originals don’t make it past the third season. Hemlock Grove, Santa Clarita Diet and One Day at a Time spring to mind on some of the Originals that have indeed failed to make it to that coveted fourth season.

As we expected, a renewal announcement didn’t come until September 2019 but it’s good news. The show is continuing and will be getting a fourth season but it’ll also be the show’s last.

It comes after Netflix has been getting controversy for canceling its shows after three seasons and instead, Netflix has been canceling shows after it gives it a final season order.

The renewal comes just a couple of days after the show was once again announced to win an Emmy for Outstanding Stunt Coordination.

Although its the end for GLOW, Britney Young who plays Carmen on the show expressed interest in potential spinoffs.

What can we expect from GLOW season 4 on Netflix?

After Bash and Debbie successfully went behind the back of Tex, they successfully bought a Television network in Los Angeles. Bash pulled all of his money out of Rhapsody and into the deal thus the strip club is closing and GLOW would be without a home. Debbie revealed to Ruth that as the president of the network, she and Bash want to form a new wrestling promotion in Los Angeles with brand new characters.

The last ever show in Las Vegas for GLOW?

After all the rejections from her auditions, it looked like Ruth was going to join Debbie and take up her offer of being a director. Deciding against this, Ruth wants to stay the path and is determined to become an actor no matter how long it takes her.

GLOW is still alive but will have a new roster of characters when it goes live on Bash’s new television network. Carmen is leaving GLOW to join her brother Kurt on the road. Ruth’s future is unclear but she may join new GLOW and avoid taking the director’s seat as Debbie wanted. As for the other ladies, they have no idea about the television network and not all of them may make the cut for Bash and Debbie’s wrestling promotion.

We should also see more from Sam and Ruth as their relationship ended on rather sticky terms with Ruth failing to get the part in Sam’s new show that he’s scheduled to direct.

Season 3 seems to be the first and last time in Las Vegas, however. The ladies are splitting up with most heading back to their original Los Angeles location.

The co-creator of the show has plenty more to give to. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Carly Mensch has said: “We have a direction we want to go in and some new territory that we’ll say is a bit heavier on wrestling and is new from where we’ve been”.

Rebekkah Johnson who plays Carmen has said we may see segments of her character on the road. She told Metro: “if we get season four, I think we’d get to see what Carmen does, where she’s going on the road.”

GLOW Season 4 Netflix Release Date

The third season was the first time GLOW was released outside of June. All of season 3 was added to Netflix on August 9th, 2019.

As of January 2020, filming is scheduled to take place between February 18th to May 27th according to Production Weekly. However, we’ve learned as per most of Netflix’s other productions that GLOW has officially been postponed from filming in Los Angeles.

What this means for the release date is not yet known but by most estimates, the quarantine will remain in place till at least June so that could mean we may not see GLOW season 4 until 2021.

We do have some behind the scenes footage from season 4 though. Kate Nash took to Twitter on February 27th to share some of the training taking place. Alison Brie later confirmed that filming begins in March 2020 and also teased a change of location for the final season.


Alison Brie also posted on social media when she returned to the studio to start training.


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