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Welcome to your ongoing preview of what’s coming to Netflix in August 2019. Here we’ll be listing all of the new Netflix Originals scheduled for release throughout the month which currently includes Mindhunter and She-Ra and the Princess of Power.

August has always been a month full of treasures for Netflix with Narcos first premiering in August all the way back in 2015. Just last year, we got The Innocents season 1 and Insatiable season 1 too.

Don’t forget, we’ve also got previews of all the Netflix Originals coming in June 2019 and July 2019.

Now let’s get onto what’s scheduled for release on Netflix throughout August:

She-Ra and the Princess of Power (Season 3)

Netflix Release: August 2nd

She Ra And The Princess Of Power Season 3

In true Dreamworks fashion, She-Ra and the Princess of Power is returning in quick succession on Netflix with season 2 having only just really landed on Netflix. The reboot of the classic character has seen rave reviews and is expected to last multiple more seasons beyond season 3.

In season 3, Geena Davis will be joining the voice cast to play the role of Huntara. We’re not sure how many episodes are due but only 7 released in season 2.

Otherhood (2019)

Netflix Release: August 2nd

Otherhood Netflix Movie

Angela Bassett, Felicity Huffman and Patricia Arquette will be starring in this new comedy that’s about three mothers who have and visit their adult kids in New York City.

There’s more on this comedy over at Entertainment Weekly who first noted the existence of this movie back in June 2018.

Dear White People (Season 3)

Netflix Release Date: August 2nd

Dear White People Season 3 Netflix

The once-controversial Netflix comedy has been silently building momentum and now the third season is due out on Netflix in August. We’ll hopefully be finding out more about the order in season 3.

We’ve got more on season 3 of Dear White People in our preview.

Derry Girls (Season 2)

Netflix Release Date: August 2nd
Excludes the United Kingdom

Derry Girls Season 2 August 2019

The hit British comedy Derry Girls will be getting its second season which aired earlier in the year added to Netflix under the Original library this August.

Throughout the six new episodes, we’ll be back at the all-girl high school in Northern Ireland.

Ask the Storybots (Season 3)

Netflix Release Date: August 2nd

Ask The Storybots August 2019

The kids favorite Ask the Storybots will be back once again condensing big issues and topics into simple bite-sized episodes for the little ones.

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj (Volume 4)

Netflix Release Date: August 2nd

Patriot Act Volume04

The Netflix talk show Patriot Act is returning for its fourth volume coming out in August. It’ll once again cover a range of different topics across six episodes. The show is still Netflix’s best attempt at the talk show format but how segments last, in the long run, is yet to be seen.

New episodes will begin on August 4th but also subsequently release on August 11th, 18h, and the 25th.

No Good Nick (Part 2)

Netflix Release Date: August 5th

No Good Nick Part 2 Plot

Releasing just several months after the first ten episodes dropped, we’ll be returning to the Sean Astin comedy sitcom.

If you haven’t managed to watch No Good Nick so far, it’s a show you’d typically find on a network like Nickelodeon or Disney Channel and is about a young teen who gets fostered into a family but tries to her new family.

Wu Assassins (Season 1)

Netflix Release Date: August 8th

Wu Assassins Season 1

Netflix hasn’t really had its own take on martial arts titles up until now. The new series which features a massive cast including The Raid’s Iko Uwais is an action-driven series that’ll see a young chef discovering he is the next Wu Assassin.

We’ve got more on this series (which hasn’t been promoted heavily as of yet by Netflix) in our preview here.

Cable Girls (Season 4)

Netflix Release Date: August 9th

Cable Girls Season 4 Netflix

The popular Spanish series and the first to be produced in Spain exclusively for Netflix comes to a close in August 2019 with the final season. We’ve seen the show evolve into a beautiful well-crafted period drama and we hope to see it go out with a bang.

GLOW (Season 3)

Netflix Release Date: August 9th

Glow Season 3 August 2019

The glorious ladies of wrestling are back for their third season and this year, they’re headed to Vegas. The comedy-drama comes from the same creator as Orange is the New Black and continues to be an underrated hit of the Netflix Original lineup.

We’ve got lots more on GLOW season 3 on Netflix in our preview.

Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling (2019)

Netflix Release Date: August 9th

Rocko Modern Life Static Cling Movie

It’s been three years since Nickelodeon announced the reboot movie for Rocko’s Modern Life and it’s finally got a release on Netflix.

We’ll be seeing Rocko being fast-forwarded to the 21st century to see how he adjusts in the world now.

In the Shadow of the Moon (2019)

Netflix Release Date: August 9th

In The Shadow Of The Moon Netflix

Jim Mickle will be directing this political thriller coming to Netflix in August with some big stars involved such as Michael C. Hall and Boyd Holbrook.

Sadly, beyond just the cast and where the script has come from, there’s not much else we know about this movie at present. Hopefully, Netflix blows the doors wide open in the weeks to come.

Cannon Busters (Season 1)

Netflix Release: August 15th

Cannon Busters Season 1

It’s taken an excruciating amount of time for Netflix to lineup Cannon Busters after it slipped its last date. The Kickstarter project turned Netflix Original show by LeSean Thomas will finally be landing midway through August.

In this anime series that’s based on the comic book of the same name, you’ll be exploring the land of Gearbolt.

Sacred Games (Season 2)

Netflix Release: August 15th

Sacred Games Season 2 Netflix

Renewed back in September 2018, this is the biggest series to come out of India so far. The explosive first season lit up Netflix in India and beyond.

We’ll be dealing with the fallout of the first season going into season 2 with plenty of changes in the cast.

Mindhunter (Season 2)

Netflix Release: August 16th

Mindhunter August 2019 Netflix

It’s been two years since Mindhunter first graced our Netflix subscriptions and we’re glad to report that it’s set to return in August 2019.

In the next season, you can expect a time jump after season 1 and will continue looking into the FBI’s special agents looking into the psychology behind prolific murderers. This season looks at the Atlantic murders between 1979 and 1981.

American Factory (Documentary)

Netflix Release Date: August 21st

American Factory

Netflix picked up this documentary for $3 million and features the two prominent directors Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert. It comes from the new production company set up by the Obamas and covers the modern life day of Americans working in factories.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (Season 1)

Netflix Release Date: August 30th

The Dark Crystal Age Of Resistance Season 1

Love your puppetry? Then this series is going to be an absolute must-watch. The original movie joined Netflix in May in preparation for this series that’s based on the series.

We’ve got loads more on The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance in our ongoing preview.

Other Netflix Original Releases in August 2019

  • Ad Vitam (Season 1) – French sci-fi series – August 2nd
  • Enter the Anime – a documentary on anime – August 5th
  • The Naked Director – Japanese drama series – August 8th
  • Green Frontier – Spanish drama series – August 16th
  • Sintonia – Portuguese drama series – August 9th
  • The Family – Docuseries – August 9th
  • Love Alarm – Rom-com drama series – August 22nd

That’s all we have for what’s coming to Netflix in August 2019 so far but we’ll continue updating this article every week up until the month is here.

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