Good Girls Season 2: Netflix Release Schedule

Good Girls – Courtesy of NBC

Good Girls will be coming to Netflix globally but will be slightly different depending on where you live. Here’s when you’ll be streaming season 1 of Good Girls on Netflix where you live. 

NBC has been the king of comedy sitcoms but in recent years they’ve fallen short. However, The Good Place and Good Girls are leading the charge for a new wave of NBC comedy and Netflix evidently sees the potential which is why they currently license both.

The new series will soon be entering its second season on NBC in 2019 with Christina Hendricks, Retta, and Mae Whitman all returning to their roles as the good girls. In the series, these three housewives enter a life of crime after robbing a grocery store.

Scoring well with fans and critics, the show was renewed for a second season due out in March 2019 on NBC in the USA.

Netflix Original Release Schedule

For most, you’ll have Good Girls as a Netflix Orginal. These regions include the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and countless others. If Good Girls is on your Netflix with the Netflix logo present, good news, you have the show as an Original.

At the moment, we don’t quite know whether all episodes will be dropping at once or whether, like The Good Place, episodes will be dropping weekly.

Season 1 dropped all at once but it’s likely that the deal will have only been struck after the show had concluded.

If episodes drop weekly, you can expect the first episode to arrive on March 14th, a day after it airs on March 13th, 2019.

If episodes drop all at once, we suspect it won’t be until late May to the middle of the summer before they drop.

When will Good Girls season 2 be on Netflix in the United States?

Netflix US will be the last to get the series meaning that if you want to watch the new series, you’re going to have to watch it live or through catch-up.

The first season of Good Girls came to Netflix in the United States on January 1st, 2018.

As with other shows from NBC on Netflix, we’re expecting it to renew on an annual basis meaning that we’re currently expecting season 2 to arrive in January 2020.

Keep your browser locked on this post as we’ll be updating towards throughout the year as and when we hear more on the release schedule of Good Girls.