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I’ll be back. The classic line Arnold Schwarzenegger first muttered in 1985 to a police officer before ramming down the front door with a car, since then The Terminator series has been known for some of the most iconic one-liners of all time such as Hasta la vista, baby and even ‘Get out!’.

If you’re not familiar with the movie series then allow us to fill you in with a bit of backstory. The Terminators are machines sent back in time to kill subjects before they can have an influence in the war that’s to come between the humans and the machines, run by an artificial intelligence. This artificial intelligence was set up to protect mankind but of course, took a turn for the worse. There was an original trilogy of movies, a reboot and the brand new movie now showing in cinemas called Terminator : Genisys.

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So you’re wondering if you can stream the terminator movies right? Let’s help answer that question.

The Terminator (1985)


Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, this is where it all began. It has the classic traits of a great 80’s movies, the odd soundtrack, over the top action sequences, brutal one-liners and of course – the hair styles! It features a much younger Arnie who’s been sent back to kill Sarah Connor, who’s son is destined to overthrow the machines in 2027. It’s back when the terminator was on the evil side and is a stone cold killer.

The Terminator is streaming on Netflix in Australia, Brazil, Canada, South America, France and Sweden. 

Terminator 2 : Judgement Day (1991)


A whole 6 years after the original, out came Judgement Day with more technology to power the bigger sequences. Unlike the first movie, Arnie has been sent back in time to protect the young John Connor from another terminator who’s trying to kill John. Explosions galore, this one is the definitive Terminator and is by far my favourite.

Terminator 2 is streaming on Netflix in the Canada, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Terminator 3 : Rise of the Machines (2003)


With John Connor saved as a child, he goes underground to prevent Skynet from tracking him. That’s until a brand new Terminator, the TX, is unleashed on the world hunting him down and Arnie returns to save John. The TX is the smartest, strongest and quickest of the Terminators and is a tough match for the Terminator and with Skynet now at it’s birth it’s do or die for John and the campaign to stop Skynet.

Terminator 3 : Rise of the Machines is streaming on Netflix in Belgium only. 

Terminator : Salvation (2009)


As mentioned earlier, Terminator : Salvation really took a step back and detached itself from Arnold Schwarzenegger and tried to reboot itself into a solid action movie. It worked but with limited success. Christian Bale and Sam Worthington are noted for their memorable performances but ultimately a lacklustre story was the end of it. It’s worth a watch for die-hard action movie fans though.

Terminator : Salvation is available on Netflix in Belgium, Denmark, France and Sweden.

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