Is ‘Rick and Morty’ Leaving Netflix UK in November 2018?

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Rick and Morty are once again scheduled to leave Netflix in the United Kingdom but you may not have to worry just yet as this removal date has been pushed back. Here’s what you need to know about Rick and Morty potentially leaving Netflix in November 2018. 

Let’s give you a quick catch up in case you haven’t been following the antics. Back in September, we caught word of Rick and Morty being removed from the service on October 6th. On October 6th, season 1 of Rick and Morty left Netflix but was re-added back on October 9th. That’s when the new removal date also popped up. It’s not clear whether only certain seasons are scheduled to remove or all three. Vodzilla is currently reporting that seasons 2 and 3 could be leaving Netflix.

All three seasons are streaming on Netflix UK right now but have a removal date scheduled for November 1st, 2018. Again, we don’t know if all three seasons are included in this removal.

Netflix displaying removal date for Rick and Morty

Will it actually leave Netflix this time?

The actual removal is still not known. We’ve heard nothing official from Netflix as of yet and it wasn’t included in the full list of titles leaving Netflix either.

We think it’s unlikely that Netflix will let the show go. But if worst comes to worse, we think that only season 1 & 2 would leave Netflix. That’s because Netflix has season 3 flying under its original banner while the first two titles are just licensed to Netflix.

Has Netflix canceled Rick and Morty?

Some outlets (we won’t name them) have even gone as far as to say that Rick and Morty leaving Netflix could mean that the show is canceled. That is, of course, never going to be the case. Adult Swim in the US is behind the production.

Season 4 is in production but we don’t know whether that’ll also be a Netflix Original in the UK too.

We’ll keep this post updated as we get closer to November to let you know whether Rick and Morty’s future on Netflix has changed.

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