Is The Office US Returning to Netflix in the UK?

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The Office could be making its long-awaited return to Netflix in the United Kingdom if a post from Netflix’s social media post is to be believed. Here’s a look at the post and we’ll recap what exactly happened to The Office in the UK. 

NBC created The Office in the mid-2000s and ran up until 2013 but the show has been cemented into one the greatest sitcoms of all time along with the likes of Friends.

Let’s move onto the post on Facebook in question. Captioned “The best bit is always when it finally hits the corner, right?”, the post then sees the Netflix logo bounce around the screen.

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This is could be referring to a well-known scene in The Office in one of the opening skits for season 3.

Of course, this could just be a meme that Netflix has posted with absolutely no relationship to The Office at all. After all, many people remember the famous DVD screensaver.

A few people in the comments have also speculated it could mean the return of The Office. A few comments said: ” This better mean the office is coming back.” and another adding: “subtle hint at The Office moving to Netflix?”.

What happened to The Office on Netflix UK?

If you’re a longtime subscriber, you’ll probably recall The Office being available on Netflix. It was streaming on Netflix UK up until September 2015 when it suddenly left the service.

Last October, the series made its way onto Amazon Prime, the first time it had been made available on streaming since leaving Netflix.

Our take is that The Office US is unlikely to return unless it’ll share the streaming license with Amazon. That’s rare as Netflix traditionally prefers to have exclusive streaming rights for the shows it streams.

Does this have any implications on Netflix elsewhere?

It’s been long rumored that The Office would eventually leave Netflix in the United States. At the moment, that’s not due to happen until 2021. Even then, Comcast has suggested it would continue licensing shows to other providers despite wanting its shows to appear on its own platform too.

There’s nothing official about whether Netflix UK could get The Office US back

It’s worthing that Brits do have access to the original BBC version of The Office.

Is The Office US Returning to Netflix in the UK?

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