‘Kotaro Lives Alone’ Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status & What We Know So Far

After pulling on all our heartstrings we're hoping that Netflix renews 'Kotaro Lives Alone' for a second season soon.

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Heartwarming and heartbreaking, the first season of Kotaro Lives Alone was certainly an emotionl rollercoaster. With more of the manga left to be adapted, we’re hoping to see Netflix renew the series for a second season soon. Here’s everything we know so far about Kotaro Lives Alone season 2 on Netflix.

Kotaro Lives Alone is a Japanese Netflix Original slice of life comedy anime, and adaptation of the manga series written by Mami Tsumura.

The Shimizu Apartments gets a brand new tenant in the unexpected form of four-year-old Kotaro Sato. With his toy sword strapped to his waist, Kotaro makes his daily shopping trip. Despite his age, Kotaro is wise beyond his years and begins to influence those around him as he shows his determination to live strong while awaiting the day he can reunite with his parents.

Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status

Official Renewal Status: Pending (Last Updated: 18/03/2022)

At the time of writing Kotaro Lives Alone has been available to stream on Netflix for just over a week, but the streaming service has yet to announce if the anime has been renewed.

Unless stated ahead of time, it’s not very often that an anime on Netflix is renewed within the first few weeks, sometimes even months, of its release.

Given the overwhelming reception from critics and subscribers, we fully expect to see Kotaro Lives Alone renewed sometime in the near future.

It must be noted that the anime has only made it into the top ten of five countries on Netflix. Notably, it has made it into the top ten list in Japan, where its highest rank was third on March 13th.

What to expect from Kotaro Lives Alone season 2?

Throughout the first season we learned a lot of the tragic and heartbreaking circumstances that lead Kotaro living by himself.

Neglected by his parents, many of Kotaro’s funny quirks were a result of some form of neglect or trauma from his past, such as his fondness of tissues, which Kotaro had no choice to eat when he was left to go hungry.

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However, thanks to Kotaro’s neighbor, Karino, the young boy has had a constant watchful eye, and as each day passes Karino becomes more and more fond of the little boy.

Kotaro has many more small adventures around his neighborhood awaiting him, but thanks to the shocking discovery made by Karino, Kotaro is yet to learn that his mother has passed away.

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While Kotaro’s father is still alive, he was abusive, and has no access to the young boy. As it stands, the closest thing to a family member Kotaro has in his life is Karino.

How much of the manga has the anime covered?

Kotaro Lives Alone has been one of the hardest mangas to find online that have full translations for all eight of the currently published volumes. So hard, in fact, the only copies available of the manga thus far are the ones being sold by the online Japanese publishers.

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Thanks to a recent promotion the first two volumes of the manga can be found and read online. But to read from volumes 3 and onwards you have to pay, not to mention there are no English translations.

However, from what we could deduce from what we found online, the first season would ended around the end of volume 4. This leaves of least four more volumes ready and waiting to be adapted into the anime.

When can we expect to see a second season of Kotaro Lives Alone on Netflix?

If we are to assume that Kotaro Lives Alone has been renewed already, and work has already began on season 2 then we could expect to see more episodes by the end of the year or in early 2023.

However, if Liden Films is waiting for the confirmation to produce more episodes then don’t expect to see more of Kotaro until the spring or summer of 2023.

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