‘Love, Death and Robots’ Volume 3 Episode 9: Jibaro Ending Explained

Here is the ending explained to Volume 3 episode 9 of Love, Death and Robots 'Jibaro'

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love death and robots volume 3 episode 9 jibaro ending explained

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For anyone confused about the ending to the ninth episode of volume 3 of Love, Death and Robots then allow us to help! We’ll also be covering the remaining episodes of volume 3 of Love, Death, and Robots, but here is the ending explained to Jibaro.

Fantasy and greed combine in this re-imagining of the traditional folktale of a siren whose song lures men to their doom. But her sorcery fails to work on the deaf knight, Jibaro, and the Golden Woman becomes fascinated by him.

Ending Explained

The death of Jibaro’s comrades left him free to take any spoils as he saw fit. Thanks to being deaf, this stopped him from falling to the Siren’s song, but because of this, the pair became infatuated with each other.

It’s unclear if the Siren had fallen for Jibaro, and this was why she kissed him despite it hurting him. Sadly, for her, Jibaro’s infatuation with her was thanks to her beautiful and ornate scales. Knocking the Siren out cold Jibaro violated her body and removed the ornate jewels and scales that adorned her body, and returned her to the river.

Unfortunately for Jibaro, he could not find his way through the jungle and found himself once again at a river where he replenish his thirst. However, the blood of the Siren had poured into the river, and upon drinking it cured Jibaro of his deafness. The sudden ability to hear sent Jibaro into a scared frenzy, and in his confusion found his way back to the lake where the Siren, now without her beautiful golden boy awaited. No longer immune to her power, the Siren took her revenge upon Jibaro, forcing him further and further into the lake until he became just one of many men to fall prey to her.

Why did the Siren ‘fall’ for Jibaro?

We’re not sure if the Siren fell in love with Jibaro, but as the first man to not fall victim to her powers would have been an experience she never had before. Despite her advances, which albeit hurt Jibaro’s mouth, he was more attracted to the gold that adorned her body.

Why was Jibaro after the gold?

Jibaro clearly looked like one of the conquistadors of Spain, who ravaged the Americas of its gold and various other treasures. Without the need to share any spoils with his now-dead comrades, Jibaro would become rich beyond his wildest dreams thanks to all of the gold and jeweled scales he stole from the Siren’s body.

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