Crime Movies Coming to Netflix in 2022 and Beyond

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crime movies coming soon to netflix

Welcome to another genre preview at What’s on Netflix where we’re going to dive into the crime movies Netflix has planned for the next few years. This preview will be updated every six months so keep it in your bookmarks.

As per our other genre previews, we’ll pick out some of the biggest and most anticipated movies before going into a list to make this preview more legible and to save you time.

Speaking of our genre previews, you probably will be interested in reading about the crime shows coming to Netflix and maybe even some of the action movies headed to the service too.

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Havoc Netflix Movie Tom Hardy

Best known for The Raid, Gareth Evans will be working alongside Tom Hardy in this new crime thriller. The movie picks up shortly after a drug deal goes south with a detective fighting his way through a criminal underworld.

Alongside Hardy in the movie will be Timothy Olyphant and Justin Cornwell.

I Came By

i came by netflix crime movie

This British production is classed as a crime noir which is about a rebellious young graffiti artist who purposely targets the homes of the wealthy elite.

Babak Anvari is on board to write and direct and a huge cast has been assembled for the feature film too. George MacKay who is still riding high following 1917 will lead the cast alongside Hugh Bonneville, Kelly Macdonald, Percelle Ascot, and Varada Sethu.

Knives Out 2

knives out 2 netflix

Knives Out 2 – Picture: Netflix

Another crime takes place in the sequel to the Lionsgate movie starring Daniel Craig but this time in Greece.

Rian Johnson returns to direct the sequel which is among the most anticipated movies expected to land on Netflix in late 2022.

Alongside the return of Daniel Craig, we’ll also see Ethan Hawke, Dave Bautista, Edward Norton, Kathryn Han, and Jada Pinkett Smith star.

Murder Mystery 2 

murder mystery netflix

Another upcoming Adam Sandler movie on Netflix that will see Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston reprise their roles as Nick and Audrey Spitz.

While the plot is unknown for the sequel, we do know that the Spitz will no doubt find themselves embroiled in another murder plot.

The Good Nurse

the good nurse netflix crime movie

Eddie Redmayne and Jessica Chastain are the two headline performers in this upcoming crime movie. It’s a biopic on the registered nurse and serial killer Charlie Cullen who earned himself the nickname of being The Angel of Death.

The movie reportedly has a budget of $30 million and is due to release on Netflix at some point in 2022.

The Killer

the killer netflix movie

David Fincher helms this new globe-trotting comic book adaptation that sees an assassin beginning to grow a conscience. The big-budget movie will take you to Paris among other locales and stars Tilda Swinton and Michael Fassbender.

The Pale Blue Eye

the pale blue eye netflix movie

This crime movie adapts the Louis Bayard novel of the same name but also resides in a number of other genres including horror and thriller.

Christian Bale headlines the cast for the upcoming adaptation with Harry Melling, Gillian Anderson and Robert Duvall also set to star.

Here’s what you can expect from the movie:

“A veteran detective at West Point in the 1830s attempts to solve a series of murders, assisted by a young cadet who will grow up to be author Edgar Allan Poe.”

The Man from Toronto

the man from toronto sony

Previously at Sony Pictures, Netflix picked up the rights to this upcoming buddy crime movie starring Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson.

The movie is about “the world’s deadliest assassin and New York’s biggest screw-up are mistaken for each other at an Airbnb rental.”

This one sits more on the comedy spectrum than most other movies on this list.

Other Crime Movies Coming Soon to Netflix

  • A Jazzman’s Blues – Tyler Perry will write, produce and direct this crime drama about a district attorney investigating decades-old murders which unveils a dark side to his family history.
  • Amnesty – Ramin Bahrani was on board to adapt the novel Aravind Adiga.
  • Beverly Hills Cop 4 – Eddie Murphy will be reprising his role as Axel Foley in this crime comedy movie.
  • Big Fix – Chernin Entertainment is reportedly bringing Big Fix over to Netflix which was previously set up at 20th Century Studios. About the true story of Chris Eaton who helped catch a sports match fixer.
  • Button Man – Crime comic book adaptation.

code 8 part 2 netflix

  • Code 8: Part IIThis sequel to the 2019 superhero movie that sees a teenage girl coming under investigation by a corrupt police force.
  • Heart of Stone – Gal Gadot features in this spy-thriller from Skydance Media.
  • Life Sentence – Based on a short story by Matthew Baker, this sci-fi crime movie sees someone traveling back in time to erase his memories so he doesn’t go to prison.
  • Lift – From 6th & Idaho Productions comes this crime drama bout a female master thief who attempts to steal $100 million.
  • Monkey Man – Dev Patel will be directing this upcoming crime-action movie.
  • Northern Spy – Based on the book by Flynn Berry, this action thriller is about the story of a woman who learns that her younger sister is working for the IRA but has also become an MI5 informer.
  • Once Upon a Time in Shaolin – Biopic on Martin Shkreli’s acquisition of the only copy of Wu-Tang Clan’s seventh studio album and how it was later seized.
  • Past Midnight – AGBO is set to produce this superhero crime movie about a vigilante sentence to life in prison.
  • Reptile – Crime thriller from director Grant Singer that shot in Atlanta in late-2021. About a young podcaster and a detective forming a partnership to uncover the truth behind the death of a local real estate agent.
  • Rodney & Sheryl – Chloe Okuno to direct this crime drama mystery about the killer Rodney Alcala.
  • Seoul Vibe – Confirmed for summer 2022 on Netflix – Korean crime movie about a crew of baby drivers known as Sangedong Supreme team.
  • The Inheritance – Joe Russo and Chris LaMont are writing this new crime thriller about a billionaire who is fearing a crime may be committed against him and invites his estranged kids around to protect him.
  • The Raid – A reboot of the original movie from Gareth Evans.

togo netflix

  • Togo – Spanish-language crime thriller about a car attendant who must defend his territory and the neighbors of the neighborhood against. Directed by Israel Adrián Caetano.

Have we missed any of the other big Netflix crime movies coming soon to Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

Crime Movies Coming to Netflix in 2022 and Beyond

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