Love, Death & Robots Episode 16: Ice Age Ending Explained

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For anyone confused about the ending to the sixteenth episode of Love, Death and Robots allow us to help! We’ve been covering the remaining episodes too of Love, Death, and Robots, but here is the ending explained to Ice Age. 

While moving into their new apartment a young couple stumbles upon a lost civilization hidden inside their antique freezer.

Ending Explained

Time inside of the antique freezer moves at an incredibly accelerated rate compared to our world. In a matter of minutes the world from the industrial revolution to the modern world we know today. As a beautiful city unfolded before the eyes of the couple a nuclear holocaust unloaded right in front of them. One explosion caught Rob in the face, slightly burning him. Saddened by the freezer’s war, Gail and Rob close the freezer and order pizza.

An hour passes and the curious couple looks inside the freezer once more. To their delight, the freezer world rebuilt itself and are going through an age of futuristic technology. The beautiful futuristic city expands larger and a giant pyramid is seen constructed within the heart of the city. As the pyramid unfolds itself, revealing a diamond shaped building within. The diamond building absorbs the city and releasing a spectacle of traveling lights across their kitchen. The lights converge into the sphere within the freezer, expanding the sphere and in a flash of light disappears.

Jurrasic Freezer

Rob and Gail are left bewildered by what they just witnessed. Wondering if the civilization of the freezer would ever return, the couple goes to bed for the night. Rob had turned off the freezer the night before but the couple still remained curious about the world inside the appliance. Opening the now defrosted freezer, life had found a way to thrive once more. Without the coldness of the freezer, Dinosaurs now roam the insides of the defrosted freezer. A group of early humanoids is seen eating the remains of a fallen brachiosaurus. The group of hunters flee in terror as a Tyrannosaurus-Rex arrives to hunt the small mammals.

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Pocket Universe

Humanity had evolved far beyond comprehension thus the civilization within the freezer had evolved to a point they could leave reality. As to where the civilization left to is unknown and perhaps they became one with the cosmos, transcending what it means to be ‘alive.’ The pocket world was able to thrive once more thanks to the freezer defrosting in the night. Without the cold of the freezer, life was able to thrive once more.  Dinosaurs are free to roam and evolve thanks to the increase in temperature. If Rob and Gail were to switch on the freezer, then the process they witnessed would likely repeat itself thus the dinosaurs would die and an Ice Age would begin again.

How many times had this process of life within the freezer occurred is unknown. In a matter of an hour or two life had evolved from the medieval age to the end of that world as Rob and Gail know it. This would have likely become a daily routine for the previous owners. Tired of seeing a world begin and disappear on a daily basis may have led the previous owner to leave the freezer alone, which is why such a build-up of ice occurred.

One thing to bear in mind is the radiation from the blast that Rob took to the face. If it was indeed nuclear, he better run to the hospital and has himself checked out!

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