Love, Death & Robots Episode 15: Blindspot Ending Explained

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For anyone confused about the ending to the fifteenth episode of Love, Death and Robots allow us to help! We’ve been covering the remaining episodes too of Love, Death, and Robots, but here is the ending explained to Blindspot. 

An elite team of bandit cyborgs attempts a suicidal heist mission to retrieve a rare chip. When security is alerted by the team’s presence, the mission takes a turn for the deadly.

Ending Explained

With the manned security car and turrets destroyed it looked easy pickings for the team in the tunnel. Unfortunately, Bob had forgotten about the final defense, a large mecha with a great number of functions and weapons. Upon activation, it killed Hawk instantly, the mecha also crushed Kali after activating its tank protocol when knocked off the armored vehicle. Desperate to take out the mecha before the vehicle reaches the end of the tunnel Sui instructs the Rookie to destroy the security CPU. The mecha proceeded to rip off the roof of the car stopping the rookie in his tracks.

Where’s your head at Sui?

The rookie is smashed into crates and incapacitated by their weight. Sui proceeds to put up a good fight but the mecha is able to grab hold of his head, crushing it and killing him. When all hope is lost for the Rookie and with the mecha distracted, Sui’s body is still working and pours the oil from his body over the security CPU. Highlighting the fact his brain is in his crotch, Sui proceeds to light the oil and destroying the CPU.

With the CPU destroyed the mecha deactivates and reveals the chip stored inside. A dismayed Rook grabs the chip from the mecha just as Bob arrives. Saddened by the death of his comrades, the rookie wonders if the mission was even worth it with the rest of the team dead. A blue light catches the attention of the rookie and the holographic form of Sui stands before him along with Hawk and Kali. The team isn’t ‘dead’ as backups of their brains are saved before each mission. Happy that his comrades are still alive the rookie jumps into Bob’s truck and drives away. The destruction of the team’s mission left behind in the tunnel is now someone else’s problem to handle.

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Oh So Forgetful Bob

Well, a suicidal mission was exactly that. Unknown to the rookie who ‘didn’t read his contract’ there is no risk of actual death in their missions. With their brains backed up to a hard drive by Bob, the team can jump into the most dangerous of missions with no fear. The only thing the team has to fear is the destruction of their bodies (which has happened on more than one occasion) and the missions being a failure.

One implication not to gloss over is the fact that Bob is very forgetful. The Rookie didn’t know their brains were backed up to a hard drive so the likelihood is that Bob had forgotten to back up the Rookies mind. This means if the Rookie’s body was destroyed he would have actually died, therefore if Bob was ever to forget a brain back up before a mission then members of the team would die if there any ‘casualties.’ Of course, the Rookie forgot to read his contract but a brain back up should be a very important part of the mission briefing!

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