Love, Death & Robots Episode 17: Alternate Histories Ending Explained

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For anyone confused about the ending to the seventeenth episode of Love, Death and Robots allow us to help! We’ve been covering the remaining episodes too of Love, Death, and Robots, but here is the ending explained to Alternate Histories

Thanks to the technology of Multiversity we can now view history from an alternate view. Especially hilarious way Adolf Hitler could have died in a multitude of ways.

Ending Explained

In hilarious fashion, Adolf Hitler died in various ways leading to a whole array of different futures for the civilization of earth. In the last scenario, Hitler didn’t die in an altercation at the steps of the art university, ran over by a wagon of bratwurst, submerged in gelatin, fornicate to death or struck by a meteorite. Instead, he was caught within the crossfire between the future Nazis and Anti-Nazis, the Anti-Nazis attempted an assassination, while the Nazis of the future tried to protect him.

Future Hitler

Coming to Hitler’s rescue was his future self! Annihilating both Nazi and Anti-Nazis, the future Hitler had saved his past self. BUT by forgetting the first rule of time-travel “Never touch your doppelganger,” Hitler broke time and space resulting in a paradox causing a simulation crash. After a very tongue in cheek blue screen appearance, the narrator apologizes for the simulation crash. Swiftly moving on, the next simulation would have been “what if Lincoln shot first.”

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The world was never really destroyed, with space and time still intact. Like we already knew all the scenarios were simply a simulation for our entertainment. Although the appearance of a future Hitler would mean that in of least one scenario Hitler was able to survive. Not only did he survive but he was able to travel into a different universe to save a past version of himself thus travel amongst the different dimensions is possible.

Luckily this was simply a scenario, but if this application can determine the future of events based on different scenarios then this would imply a time-traveling Hitler could happen. Alternatively, we’d of liked to have seen what if Lincoln shot first.

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Love, Death & Robots Episode 17: Alternate Histories Ending Explained

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