‘Magic for Humans’ Season 2 Coming to Netflix in December 2019

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Magic for Humans – Picture: Netflix

Magic for Humans, Netflix’s magic reality series is returning for a second season in December 2019. The new season which is classed as season 2 will be chock full of Christmas content. Here’s what we know about season 2 of Magic for Humans and when it’ll be streaming. 

Netflix has been ramping up its reality-TV content over the past few years and one of the key areas it expanded into was magic. Among the new shows, Netflix is producing is Magic for Humans, which sits alongside other new titles like Death by Magic and Derren Browns special too.

Season 1 of Magic for Humans which consisted of six episodes released on Netflix in August 2018.

Season 2 was first announced to be in production in December 2018.

When will Magic for Humans season 2 be on Netflix?

Thanks to an update to Netflix’s media center, we now know that season 2 of Magic for Humans is scheduled for release worldwide on December 6th, 2019.

Magic for Humans season 2 currently occupies the same day as when Marriage Story will be released on Netflix in Netflix’s December lineup.

It’s worth noting that at the original time of publishing, Netflix has yet to include the December date on the page for Magic for Humans.

Here are a few screenshots of the upcoming second season:

Screenshot for Magic for Humans S2

Screenshot for Magic for Humans S2

Screenshot for Magic for Humans S2

As you can see by all the screenshots and pictures above. Magic for Humans season 2 seems to be getting dressed up for Christmas.

We know the series had been filming right up until September 2019 when a producer for the series teased what we can expect from the upcoming season.

We’ve known for some time that season 2 of Magic for Humans is on the way. On October 17th, Justin Willman teased the upcoming second season and advertised the opportunity for you to watch him live at various locations in the United States.

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