Netflix Acquires Belgian Limited Series ‘The Coyotes’; Coming in December 2021

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Coyotes – Picture: RTBF

Netflix has acquired the exclusive global rights to Coyotes (or The Coyotes as it’ll be stylized in all other regions). The French-language teen thriller series is a cross between The A-List, Riverdale, and Outer Banks

The series was first released on the Belgian network RTBF in May 2021 with episodes airing weekly. They also were also added to and to this day are still available on the network’s streaming platform called Auvio. 6 episodes aired in total with no more planned in the future.

Netflix has picked up international rights to the show (everywhere outside of Belgium) including rights for the UK, US, and Canada. All six seasons will arrive on December 3rd.

The Coyotes revolves around a scout group who arrive at Camp Warnaffe for their big summer expedition. The group are called The Coyotes and they get up to a summer of mischief but things take a turn after a drug-fuelled night at a quarry where the group of teens stumbles upon a cave with precious diamonds in it. Their friendships are put to the test throughout the six episodes.

The relatively unknown cast is headlined by Olivia Castanho who has now appeared in a couple of high-profile Netflix Originals in the form of Sexify and Nobody Sleeps in the Woods.

Also featured in the series are Nilton Martins, Steve Driesen, Louka Minella, Victoria Bluck, and Félix Vannoorenberghe.

The Coyotes was developed by Axel du Bus de Warnaffe, Vincent Lavachery, and Anne-Lise Morin.

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Will there be an English dub for The Coyotes?

At present, it looks like there will not be an English audio dub for the teen thriller. Instead, you’ll only have the original French-language audio alongside a multitude of subtitles options which will differ depending on where you live. If you’re wondering why the series is in French when it comes from Belgium, that’s because there are three main languages.

The Coyotes joins a number of Netflix Originals that have come out of Belgium although most entries thus far have been co-productions or deals where Netflix only holds the international exclusive rights. Big shows from the region include Undercover, Hotel Beau Séjour, Tabula Rasa, The Break, and Unit 42.

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