Netflix K-Drama ‘The Uncanny Counter’ Season 1: Episode Release Schedule, Plot, Cast & Trailer

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Netflix k drama the uncanny encounter season 1

November is a relatively quieter month for new weekly K-Dramas on Netflix, but one to look forward to at the end of the month is the exciting new series The Uncanny Counter. We have everything you need to know about the upcoming k-drama series, including the plot, cast, trailer, Netflix release date, and episode release schedule.

The Uncanny Counter is an upcoming Netflix Original supernatural K-Drama series written by Jung Do Yoon and Yeo Ji Na. The series is directed by Yoo Seon Dong, who is most well known for his work on the series Vampire Prosecutor 2.

When is The Uncanny Counter season one releasing on Netflix?

It has been confirmed that the first episode of The Uncanny Counter will premiere on Netflix on Saturday, November 28th, 2020.

Like the majority of K-Dramas, The Uncanny Counter will have a total of 16 episodes. Two new episodes will be available to stream on Netflix every Saturday and Sunday until its finale on January 17th, 2021.

Each episode is will have a run time of approximately 65 minutes.

The Uncanny Counter Season One Episode Release Schedule

Episodes of The Uncanny Counter will be broadcast in South Korea on cable television network OCN before shortly arriving on Netflix afterwards.

Episode OCN Broadcast Date Netflix Release Date
1 28/11/2020 28/11/2020
2 29/11/2020 29/11/2020
3 05/12/2020 05/12/2020
4 06/12/2020 06/12/2020
5 12/12/2020 12/12/2020
6 13/12/2020 13/12/2020
7 19/12/2020 19/12/2020
8 20/12/2020 20/12/2020
9 26/12/2020 26/12/2020
10 27/12/2020 27/12/2020
11 02/01/2021 02/01/2021
12 03/01/2021 03/01/2021
13 09/01/2021 09/01/2021
14 10/01/2021 10/01/2021
15 16/01/2021 16/01/2021
16 17/01/2021 17/01/2021

What is the plot of The Uncanny Counter?

Five demon hunters, known as Counters, disguise themselves as employees of a popular local noodle restaurant. In secret, the five use their special abilities to hunt down evil spirits who have returned to Earth, hellbent on pursuing eternal life.

Netflix k drama the uncanny encounter season 1 poster

Who are the cast members of The Uncanny Counter?

The following cast members have been confirmed to star in the first season of The Uncanny Counter:

Role Cast Member Where Have I Seen/Heard Them Before?
So Moon Jo Byung Kyoo Arthdal Chronicles | Hot Stove League | SKY Castle
Jang Cheol Jung Yoo Joon Sang Falsify | Pied Piper | You Who Came from the Stars
Do Ha Na Kim Se Jeong I Wanna Hear Your Song | School 2017 | The Sound of Your Heart
Choo Mae Ok Yeom Hye Ran Mystic Pop-Up Bar | Hospital Playlist | When the Camellia Blooms
Choi Jang Mool Ahn Suk Hwan Oh My Baby | Partners for Justice 2 | Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People
Kim Jung Young Choi Yoon Young Designated Survivor: 60 Days | The Queen’s Classroom | Seo Young, My Daughter
Soo Ho Lee Chan Hyung Hospital Playlist | Love Playlist | A-Teen 2
Wigen Moon Sook Just Dance | Priest | Matrimonial Chaos
Im Joo Yeon Lee Ji Won Romance is a Bonus Book | SKY Castle | Ms. Perfect
Gi Ran Kim So Ra Once Again | Stranger | Goblin
Shin Hyuk Woo Jung Won Chang My Country: The New Age | When the Camellia Blooms | Her Private Life

K-Pop fans will be extremely excited to see Gugudan member, Kim Se Jeong in her third lead role. Since 2016, Kim Se Jeong has starred in three TV dramas, all while juggling her ongoing K-Pop career.

How will The Uncanny Counter rank in the ratings?

In cable television history in South Korea, tVN and jTBC dominate the top fifty series. OCN currently has three dramas in the top fifty, but the highest-ranked, Voice 2, currently sits at 41 with a rating of 7.086%.

It will be a struggle for The Uncanny Counter to break into the top fifty, but the series will only need to beat a rating of 6.490% to make it. If the series does, it will replace fellow OCN drama Tunnel.

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