Netflix Original Docu-Drama ‘The Last Czars’ arrives in July 2019

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The Last Czars – Netflix / Nutopia

Netflix is releasing its brand new mega-docu/drama series, The Last Czars on July 3rd, 2019 globally. This little known series which is set to blend both a scripted drama in a documentary format is one of two projects that Nutopia is working on for Netflix. Here’s what we know so far about season 1 of The Last Czars.

Nutopia is a documentary/drama company that supposedly is pioneering a new type of genre that “combines epic cinematography and action-driven drama with high-end documentary and A list talent.”  The studio has two projects in the works for Netflix with the other Netflix project currently unnamed.

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Although IMDb lists the series as a documentary, it’s more a drama series akin to the likes of The Crown, Roman Empire, and Chernobyl. That’s because while it is a drama, it’s filmed in a way to accurately portrays the real world story. Netflix themselves lists the series as a political TV program and a drama series.

The series was first reported back in November 2017 with Deadline picking up the scoop. The Last Czars was originally due to stream on Netflix in 2018.

What’s ‘The Last Czars’ on Netflix about?

Once the most powerful family in Russia’s history, the Romanov’s ruled for over three hundred years as the Czars of the Russian Empire. At the turn of the 20th Century, discord rose amongst the ranks of the people, and while the Czars were healthy and rich, many citizens lived in squalor, dying from their poverty. This gave rise to the Bolsheviks that eventually usurped the Czars from their throne, paving the way for a communist Russia.

Czar Nicholas II & Family (Photo by: Universal History Archive/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

The Last Czars takes an in-depth look into what led to the fall of the Romanov dynasty. Through Nutopia’s mega-doc lense we get the best of both worlds. Using dramatized scenes of historical events and an in-depth look into the history, that came before, during and after.

Who’s starring and involved with The Last Czars on Netflix?

The two main directors for the series include Adrian McDowall and Gareth Tunley. McDowall is mostly known for his directing of Jesus: His Life, another project by Nutopia. Tunley is mainly known for directing on multiple British TV series. These include titles such as Creeped Out, White Gold, The Windsors, and his own movie, The Ghoul, that released in 2016.

The Last Czars – Netflix

Susanna Herbert serves as one of the producers of the series.

Starring in the show is Ben Cartwright (Sherlock Holmes), Oliver Dimsdale, Elsie Bennett, Duncan Pow, Robert Jack, Steffan Boje and many more.

How many episodes will be in The Last Czars season 1?

Six episodes are scheduled to be part of The Last Czars season 1.

When is season 1 of The Last Czars coming to Netflix?

Thanks to an update on the shows official Netflix page, we now know that season 1 of the show is coming on July 3rd, 2019. It’ll be coming just a day before Stranger Things season 3 releases and will be featured in a heavy July 2019 Netflix lineup.

The Last Czars – Screenshot:

While there’s no trailer we can embed here, you can catch the first trailer on the show’s official Netflix page.

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