‘Riverdale’ Season 4 Netflix Release Schedule for 2020

Riverdale season 4 – Picture: The CW

Riverdale is soon returning on The CW for season 4. In this Netflix release schedule, we’ll cover when season 4 of Riverdale will be on Netflix in the United States and in other regions where it is a Netflix Original.

After a bizarre and often hectic season 3, we’ve been left with even more questions to be answered for the fourth season of Riverdale.

Despite what many have perceived to be a very up and down season, this has done nothing to sedate the popularity of Riverdale. Arguably one of the most popular teen-dramas to date, the CW struck gold with their adaptation of the classic Archie Comic which is seeing a spin-off releasing this year (which sadly won’t be on Netflix).

The production of season 4 has yet to begin but according to the fan page @CWRiverdaleNews on Twitter, filming will begin within a month. Fans will be overjoyed to hear that Riverdale has received a release date for the season 4 premiere, which will air on The CW from the 9th of October, 2019.

When will Riverdale Season 4 be coming to Netflix US?

Subscribers in the US won’t be receiving episodes on a weekly basis. Riverdale has always aired on The CW in the US.

Riverdale season 4 will eventually arrive on Netflix US, but the season will have to air fully on The CW before it arrives. Like the seasons that came before Netflix will receive the latest season of Riverdale roughly a week or two after the finale has aired assuming Netflix still gets it in a similar fashion post The CW contract ending.

Depending on how many episodes the series will air will dictate release. Assuming the series runs for another 22 episodes like season 2 and season 3 then Riverdale season 4 will be on Netflix around May 2020.

You may have seen rumors that Riverdale could leave Netflix in the United States but this isn’t the case.

Riverdale Netflix Original Release Schedule

It is well known that outside of the US that Riverdale is an international Netflix Original. The series is also one of the most popular Originals streamed across the globe.

Episodes of Riverdale season 4 will arrive week to week and will arrive the following day after airing in the US. The first episode of season 4 has already premiered on October 9th, this means Netflix received the first episode on October 10th.

With a total of 22 episodes, we know that the finale will arrive sometime in May 2020:

EpisodeUS Air DateNetflix Release Date
S4xE1October 9th, 2019October 10th, 2019
S4xE2October 16th, 2019October 17th, 2019
S4xE3October 23rd, 2019October 24th, 2019
S4xE4October 30th, 2019October 31st, 2019
S4xE5November 6th, 2019November 7th, 2019
S4xE6November 13th, 2019November 14th, 2019
S4xE7November 20th, 2019November 21st, 2019
S4xE8December 4th, 2019December 5th, 2019
S4xE9December 11th, 2019December 12th, 2019
S4xE10January 22nd, 2020January 23rd, 2020
S4xE11January 29th, 2020January 30th, 2020
S4xE12February 5th, 2020February 6th, 2020

Riverdale infamously has many breaks in between episodes so don’t panic if the latest episode hasn’t arrived as it likely hasn’t even aired yet.

The winter break has been very extensive, but fans will be happy to learn that the next episode arrives soon.

Please Note: The dates in the table above are assuming no breaks between the first 7 episodes. We’ll update the table accordingly once we know more.

What regions will be streaming Riverdale season 4 weekly?

Regions that’ll get weekly episodes of Riverdale season 4 includes but is certainly not limited to:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Mainland Europe
  • The United Kingdom
  • India
  • Singapore
  • South America

At least, 30 Netflix regions in total air Riverdale as a Netflix Original.

For those wondering whether season 4 will be the last, don’t be. The CW renewed most of their shows for another season going into the 2020/21 season which includes the return of Riverdale season 5.

Are you looking forward to the release of Riverdale Season 4?