Is ‘Riverdale’ Leaving Netflix?

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Is Riverdale Leaving Netflix

Riverdale – The CW / Warner

Rumors have been flying around about the possibility of Riverdale leaving Netflix in 2019. We can now confirm that these rumors are false and that Riverdale’s future on Netflix has been secured thanks to the news this week. 

Riverdale is the popular series from The CW based on the Archie comics of the same name. Netflix has been a great home to the universe and since its first season has been joined by Chilling Adventures of Sabrina that’s only on Netflix. You also have another upcoming spinoff in the universe due out on the CW later this year.

Why was Riverdale leaving Netflix?

With major studios looking to pull their content from Netflix to start up their new streaming services, some were rightfully worried that when The CW’s contract ended, it would mean the removal of all of their titles. That’s, however, not now come to fruition.

Let’s quickly set the stage. Riverdale airs on The CW but is produced and technically distributed by Warner Brothers. The CW has had a major contract with Netflix since 2011 whereby all of its output comes to Netflix automatically.

Will new seasons of Riverdale keep coming to Netflix?

This has since come to an end but any of The CW’s shows that are on Netflix now will be converted to legacy contracts. That means that so long as The CW keeps producing new seasons of Riverdale, Netflix will continue to get new seasons.

That means Netflix is still getting season 3 of Riverdale to join Netflix in late May 2019 and that the already confirmed season 4 will likely arrive in 2020.

In the majority of regions outside of the United States, Riverdale is also safe too. The show is carried as a Netflix Original in most regions such as the United Kingdom. In these regions, future seasons are still expected to air on Netflix recently.

There you have it. Riverdale is safe on Netflix for the immediate to long-term future.