When Will Riverdale Seasons 1-7 Leave Netflix?

With the show now on Netflix almost globally in full, a countdown clock for its removal begins.

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when will riverdale series leave netflix

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Riverdale has ended after six years, with all seven seasons currently streaming in most regions of Netflix worldwide, including now the United States. How long will Riverdale stay on Netflix for? Let’s take a look.

Set in the fictional town of Riverdale, an idyllic small town filled with dark secrets and mysteries, we’ve seen Archie Andrews and co battle it out with each other and other supernatural forces in some pretty often dramatic and over-the-top moments.

All seven seasons, consisting of 137 episodes, are now streaming on Netflix globally with some exceptions.

Before we dig in, one thing we should note: all removal dates and licenses are subject to renewal and change, so we’ll keep this updated in the coming years

When will Riverdale leave Netflix in the United States?

Let’s begin with the US, who was last to receive the seventh and final season of the show in August 2023.

They got the show via the now expired The CW output deal whereby any show from 2013 through 2019 on the network would come to Netflix shortly after their season finale. With that deal coming to an end, we’ve seen the number of shows from the network coming to Netflix dwindle to three in 2023 and with Riverdale ending, that’ll be reduced to two for 2024.

As we’ve charted, once a final season of a show from The CW has hit Netflix, it then will depart after five years.

That’ll be the same here with Riverdale, too, with the show staying on Netflix until at least 2028. It traditionally has been exactly five years after the last season was added (that means August 2028), but our intel suggests it may leave as soon as February 27th, 2028.

Keep an eye on our leaving soon section for more.

riverdale season 7 netflix release schedule

Riverdale season 7 – final season – Picture: The CW / Warner Bros. Television

When will Riverdale leave Netflix Internationally?

How about internationally in regions like the United Kingdom, where the show is actually a Netflix exclusive and labeled an Original title? Well, it won’t be streaming there forever, either.

You may think because it’s a Netflix Original, it’ll be available on Netflix indefinitely. Sadly, we know that not to be the case.

Internationally, the show came to Netflix weekly, and much like the US – the removal date coincides with when the final episode dropped onto Netflix. In this case, it was March 30th, 2023.

Netflix in all international regions will keep the show for four years, meaning that the show will remain on the service until March 30th, 2027.

Where will Riverdale stream after it leaves Netflix?

Warner Bros. Television is the distributor for the series so it’ll be done to them to decide where the show heads next. The natural streaming home will be Max (previously HBO Max), which operates in most regions but has been selling its shows to competitors.

Of course, Netflix has ventured into the world of Archie Comics outside of Riverdale with the upcoming movie The Archies released on Netflix in December 2023.

Will you be sad once Netflix eventually removes Riverdale? Let us know in the comments.

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