“Skylanders Academy” Season 3: Everything we know

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Season 3 of Skylanders Academy is on the way. Dropping on the 28th of September is the highly anticipated season three of Skylanders, one of the most popular animated cartoons in the Netflix library here is our preview for season three!

Skylanders is an animated comedy television series inspired by the popular Skylanders video game series, season one first aired on Netflix in 2016 and has been immensely popular with its audience ever since.

The Plot


Picking up where we left off the show will deal with the aftermath of Kaos’ successful plan to free Strykore. Once freed Strykore had turned Spyro evil and now an underling for Strykore evil schemes. It was revealed at the very end of the season that Headmaster Eon shares the same mark on his forehead as Koas, suggesting the two are related… How will the heroes of Skylander Academy save Spyro and defeat the evil Strykore?

Who’s in the cast of Skylanders Academy?

There haven’t been any changes in the main cast and any new characters set to debut in the new season has been kept under wraps so the returning cast is as follows:

Character Voice Actor Where have I heard them before?
Spyro the Dragon Justin Long Alvin and the Chipmunks, Planet 51
Stealth Elf Ashley Tisdale Phineas & Ferb, Kim Possible, Bug’s Life
Eruptor Jonathan Banks Incredibles 2, Batman: Arkham Knight
Master Eon Chris Diamantopoulos Ducktales, Justice League Action
Jet-Vac Greg Ellis Ben 10, Batman, Fairly Odd Parents
Pop Fizz Bobcat Goldthwait Adventure Time, Hercules, Regular Show
Kaos Richard Steven Horvitz Ben 10, Grim & Evil, Invader Zim
Koassandra Catherine O’Hara Chicken Little, The Nightmare Before Christmas


Stealth Elf (Left), Pop Fizz (Centre Left), Spyro (Centre Right) Eruptor (Right) Copyright. Activision Blizzard and Netflix

How many episodes this season?

While it hasn’t been confirmed as of yet how many episodes will air for season three, going by the previous two seasons we could expect up to 13 episodes each with a runtime for about 24 or 25 minutes, the season opener may follow up on the previous seasons with a run time of around 40 minutes, and with the events of last season being left on the cliffhanger that extra run time may just be needed!


While there isn’t a trailer or teaser available just yet, below is the trailer for season one in case anyone out there is interested in starting the show!

Can we expect season four?

Definitely. Even though a 4th season hasn’t been announced the series is immensely popular with the fans and it is unlikely Activision Blizzard will want that train to stop anytime soon. Another factor in play is the multiple story threads that are yet to conclude and unless they can find a conclusion in season three for these stories then you better believe we’ll be seeing the Skylanders again soon.

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