“90210” is Leaving Netflix in October 2018

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The CW’s 90210 is scheduled to leave Netflix in the United States in October as Netflix continues to remove much of its older library from the service. Here’s what we know about why it’s leaving plus if there’s a chance it’ll stay.

It’s now been five years since 90210 has been off the air and while there have been plenty of teen dramas since there’s been none quite like this series. The first season came to Netflix back in 2012 with new seasons dropping quickly onto the service to bring us up to date with the full five seasons.

In total there were 114 episodes added to Netflix all of which are scheduled for removal on October 8th as part of the October 2018 removals from Netflix.

Although removal dates aren’t set in stone, we do believe that Netflix will follow-through and remove 90210. This is despite the fact that Netflix has an ongoing relationship with The CW which brings new seasons of their shows onto the service. Unfortunately, older titles tend to get cycled out as fewer people tend to watch them compared to newer shows. Case in point, another CBS show “The Dick Van Dyke Show” is also scheduled to be removed next month.

There’s still plenty of other CW teen dramas on Netflix with the biggest being the Gilmore Girls streaming plus

What does this mean for Gossip Girl?

The other big The CW show on Netflix that’s a little older than 90210 but not showing up for renewal is Gossip Girl. Should 90210 leave Netflix, we think Gossip Girl won’t be too far behind.

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