Netflix Anime “Lost Song” Season 1 Preview

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Dropping on 28th of September on Netflix here is our preview to one of Netflix’s latest anime series acquisitions, “Lost Song”. The new series is written by Junpei Morita and animated by Liden Films and Dwango.

“Lost Song” is an original Anime created by Veteran Japanese actor Junpei Morita, both writing and directing the series it debuted on Japan’s Netflix earlier this year on the 31st of March, before airing on Japanese television networks soon after Netflix announced the series would come to the streaming service for its global audience.

The Plot

Young passionate and energetic countryside girl Rin journeys to her countries capital to sing while songstress Finis spends time alone trying her best to help the war front. In this world, Rin and Finis have the ability to sing spirit songs, a magical ability of great legend that allows the user to manipulate the four elements and bring forth miracles. With their destinies entwined, will the final song be of hope or despair?

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Who’s in the cast of Lost Song?

The most recent additions to Netflix’s Original Anime library has been barren when it comes to English Dubs being announced, now there is a trailer for “Lost Song” with an English dub but as Netflix were not the ones to release it don’t take it as gospel that they will be the voice actors. Even after discovering the trailer finding any information on an English cast has brought me zero results!

Playing her first lead role in an Anime as the voice of Rin is Konomi Suzuki, only 21 years of age her only other recorded role in the industry is the role of a Waitress in the Tasogare Otome x Amnesia. While not voicing many roles she has provided her talent for singing and has performed in the theme songs in over a dozen animes such as “Fairy Tail”, “No Game No Life” and also sings in the opening theme for “Lost Song”.

Veteran voice actor Yukari Tamura is the voice of Princess Finis, she is the voice of Mine “The Genius Sniper” in “Akame Ga Kill”, Ranpha Franboise in the “Galaxy Angel” series and also voices Suzuha Amane in “Steins Gate”. Like her Junior Yukari Tamura is also a very talented singer, she has performed in the themes of “Galaxy Angel”, “Island”, “Lost Song” and many more.

Episode Guide and Theme

This season will have 12 episodes in its first run, airing in Japan back in March this season came to a finish in June.

Episode Number and Title Original Air Date
1. The Song of Healing March 31st, 2018
2. The Song of Departure April 7th, 2018
3. The Song of Love April 14th, 2018
4. The Song of Depravity April 21st, 2018
5. The Song of Encounter April 28th, 2018
6. The Song of Goodbye May 5th, 2018
7. The Song of Mortality May 12th, 2018
8. The Song of Eternity May 19th, 2018
9. The Song of Nostalgia May 26th, 2018
10. The Song of Determination June 2nd, 2018
11. The Song of Silence June 9th, 2018
12. The Song of Beginning June 16th, 2018

Below is the full video of the opening theme to the show, I doubt the full version will be used in the Global launch, if so unless you really love the opening themes to an Anime that’s a good 5 minutes skipped each episode! Both leads sing in the song “Utaeba Soko ni Kimi ga Iru Kara” or in English that translates too “If I Sing, You Will Be There

The Trailer

This may cause some confusion as the trailer below is in an English Dub, while Netflix hasn’t confirmed an English Dub the actors used in the trailer is most likely the Dub they use.

Can we expect a season two?

After researching this Anime from what I gather and without revealing any spoilers it sounds like the story wraps up in the first season. if we were to see any more from “Lost Song” we could see an Anthology type series in the future but the most likely scenario is once this season is over then that’ll be it.

That’s all we know so far about season one but if you’re looking for more Netflix Original anime in the meantime, check out our listings.

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