‘That ’70s Show’ Could Leave Netflix in 2020

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That 70s Show – Picture from Carsey Werner Television

The streaming license for That 70’s Show comes up for renewal in 2020 meaning unless Netflix renews, it could be departing from Netflix in the new year. Here’s what we know and a few of the other Carsey-Werner library titles that Netflix could pick up too.

A press release put out by the Carsey-Werner Television company stated that all their titles which are looking for new SVOD are in high demand. They’re looking for homes for their myriad of shows which include “That ‘70s Show, Roseanne, A Different World, The Cosby Show, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Cybill, Grace Under Fire and Grounded for Life.”


As you may know, most titles Netflix has on its platform are licensed and That 70’s Show falls under that category. Netflix pays, in this case, Carsey-Werner to have all the episodes of That 70s Show in its library.

In recent years, many distributors have been avoiding licensing given their investments in their own streaming services. CBS is keeping its shows for CBS All Access, Fox and ABC for Hulu/Disney+ and now Warner Brothers for HBO Max. Carsey-Warner is independent and doesn’t have any ties to streaming services like this.

According to Deadline, That 70s Show, Roseanne and A Different World are the first titles being shopped with the studio giving Netflix “plenty of opportunity to renew it”, referring to That 70s Show. Amazon Prime currently holds Roseanne and A Different World.

It’s worth noting that Sony recently sold the streaming license of Seinfeld to Netflix and is currently shopping Community too.

When could That 70s Show leave Netflix?

Exactly when the contract for That 70s Show specifically wasn’t revealed but our records indicate it could be as soon as January 11th, 2020.

January 2020 is also when Friends is scheduled to leave Netflix and exactly a year later, NBC’s The Office will follow suit.

How likely is it that Netflix will renew the series? We think it’s highly likely although it’d be costly. Netflix needs to keep and bring in some hit comedies to replace those that are set to leave over the next couple of years.

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