The Good Place Season 3 Coming to Netflix UK Weekly

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Netflix will be bringing weekly episodes of “The Good Place” for your streaming pleasure from the end of September 28th onwards. Here are all the details you need on the upcoming season of “The Good Place” for those in the United Kingdom and anywhere else where the show is a Netflix Original.

Yes, in case you haven’t heard, The Good Place was renewed for a third season. We’ll see all the main characters return for their third outing only this time, they’re not in The Good Place. Season 3 will see our four “bad” people go to Earth to prove that they should be sent to the actual good place. It’s by far the smartest TV show on telly and ranks ninth of the UK’s most-streamed shows on subscription services.

The show although labelled as a Netflix Original, is only a partial Original as it airs first on NBC in America. Netflix then gets weekly episode drops. This has been the case since season 1 of the show.

When do new episodes release on Netflix UK?

The Good Place gets new episodes just hours after they air in the United States. New episodes air in the US on Thursday nights and arrive on Netflix UK at around 8 AM (GMT). New episodes start from September 28th, 2018.

Important – There will once again be a mid-season break. We’re expecting it to be around episode 8 or episode 9 so we’ll leave the table blank for that until we know when it’s a) going on a break and b) know it’s coming back.

Episode Number NBC Release Netflix Release Date
Episode 01 September 27th September 28th
Episode 02 October 4th October 5th
Episode 03 October 11th October 12th
Episode 04 October 18th October 19th
Episode 05 October 25th October 26th
Episode 06 November 1st November 2nd
Episode 07 November 8th November 9th
Episode 08 TBA TBA
Episode 09 TBA TBA
Episode 10 TBA TBA
Episode 11 TBA TBA
Episode 12 TBA TBA
Episode 13 TBA TBA

Any word on a season 4?

While you’re waiting, we’ve picked out some suggestions of what to watch on Netflix if you love The Good Place. Nothing comes quite close to the show but heck, we can’t keep rewatching the first two seasons forever right!?

What about the United States?

The United States will also get season 3 of The Good Place although your wait will be a little longer. We’ll have a full breakdown of when The Good Place season 3 will be on Netflix US at a later date.

Are you looking forward to a new season of The Good Place? Let us know in the comments.

The Good Place Season 3 Coming to Netflix UK Weekly

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