Will NBC’s “Making It” Come to Netflix?

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Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman reunite in a brand new competition series out now on NBC. “Making It” is a competition series as opposed to the comedy series you’d typically see the pair in and as a result, it makes it a bit harder to predict where it’ll end up on streaming services. Here’s our take and the official word on whether season 1 of Making It will be on Netflix.

In case you haven’t seen yet, the pair are serving as hosts on a brand new NBC show that is essentially a British Bake-off copy that instead of cooking, they’re crafting. The pair gained their fantastic chemistry back on the set of Parks and Recreation (currently streaming on Netflix) and together create a very enjoyable show probably not what you’re expecting them to usually star in.

The series looks to have longevity too as it’s already been renewed for season 2.

Unfortunately, we’re not expecting season 1 to come to Netflix or any future seasons. That’s because NBC’s competition shows typically go straight to Hulu. That’s been the case so far with season 1 with all episodes currently streaming.

NBC does add most of its dramas and comedies to Netflix but the variety/competition shows don’t. That’s why we get yearly updates of The Blacklist but not America’s Got Talent or The Voice.

What about other Netflix Regions?

Making It landing on other Netflix regions is far more likely although nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Netflix UK recently got America’s Got Talent added exclusively from this year forward and that could be the case in the future but no word as of yet.

As always, keep it locked here at What’s on Netflix and we’ll be the first to let you know should Making It gets announced for Netflix release.

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