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shows like the good place on netflix

The Good Place – Picture: NBCUniversal

With the fourth and final season of The Good Place now on Netflix in the majority of regions around the world, you may be looking for your next binge. Here are our top suggestions as to what to watch on Netflix that’s similar to The Good Place

If you’re a fan of Michael Shur, he works almost exclusively works for NBCUniversal and by extension Peacock which is where you’ll find most of his content going forward in the US (he struck a huge deal with them in March 2019).

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All four seasons arrived around the world at different times and saw the conclusion to the ever-twisting comedy series that earned it plenty of nominations but rarely picked up the awards it truly deserved.

Let’s dive into the Netflix library to see what’s similar to The Good Place on Netflix right now.

Space Force

Seasons available: 1

space force

We’ll begin with Space Force which is Netflix’s first real attempt at going after the formula that NBC strikes well with its comedies over the year. It employs some top talent, a simple premise and proven writers to deliver an effective program appealing to the masses.

Space Force stars Steve Carrell, John Malkovich, and Ben Schwartz who all are part of the US’s newest division of the army, the Space Force. Throughout the first season, we see them setting up and completing some missions in the final frontier.

Although there was a lot to be desired when it came to Space Force, it did stay in the Netflix top 10 features around the world for a long time.


Seasons available: 6

community top 50 tv series on netflix

With most NBC shows departing Netflix, it was nice in early 2020 for Netflix to pick up from Sony Pictures perhaps the best comedy show the network has put up but not enough people watched at the time.

Following Jeff Winger (played by Joel McHale) we attend Greendale Community College and the adventures of a group of misfits who make up a study group. All six seasons touched down on Netflix globally earlier in 2020 as part of Netflix’s attempts at clawing back some licenses.

It’s similar to The Good Place in that it has absolutely stellar writing and makes you laugh snort multiple times per episode. It also features some insane concepts that fans of The Good Place will no doubt appreciate.

Schitt’s Creek

Seasons available: 6

schitts creek netfix

As we mentioned, The Good Place scored many nominations at various award shows through its lifetime and largely missed out and this is the show it repeatedly missed out too.

The Canadian series follows a family who are down on the luck and out of money. It’s about their redemption story as they learn how to become more normal rather than living in their previous luxurious and sheltered life.

Like The Good Place, it follows four main protagonists who feel like they’re in a different world.

Arrested Development

Seasons available: 5

If you love the madness of The Good Place, allow us to introduce you to Arrested Development which has non-stop madness from start to finish.

The Fox show is created by Mitchell Hurwitz and although it has no real connection to The Good Place, it features some killer writing and superb characters.

The Office

Seasons available: 9
Only available on Netflix in the US

the office leaving netflix 2021

Just behind Friends, The Office has been one of the best triumphs of the NBC comedy lineup in the past two decades. It’s easily watchable just like The Good Place and perfect for the binge format.

Michael Shur was involved in a number of different ways for The Office. He was prominent in the writers room and occasionally featured as Mose, Dwight’s rather odd cousin.

We’d recommend watching this one fast if you are in the United States. It’s currently set to leave Netflix on January 1st, 2021.

More The Good Place Recommendations

Watched all of the above? No problem here’s a few more suggestions but be wary that with these titles, availability will depend on where you live.

With thanks to TasteDive for providing these recommendations:

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Bonding
  • Russian Doll
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
  • Santa Clarita Diet
  • Atypical
  • Good Girls
  • Superstore
  • Living With Yourself
  • Black Mirror

Do you have any more recommendations on Netflix that are similar to The Good Place? Let us know in the comments.

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