When will Season 3 of ‘The Sinner’ be on Netflix?

The Sinner – USA Network

The Sinner is returning for a third season on USA Network and if you’re living in a region of the world where you can only watch the show on Netflix, here’s when season 3 of The Sinner should be on Netflix. We’ll also include information on when season 3 of The Sinner will be on Netflix in the US too.

USA Network‘s anthology crime series looks at ordinary people who commit brutal crimes.

The first season arrived on USA Network back in August 2017 and quickly arrived on Netflix, more on that in a minute. Season 2 was quickly renewed and premiered on USANetwork a year later in August 2018.

Now let’s move onto the third season of The Sinner.

What do we know about season 3 of The Sinner?

So far, beyond the fact that it’s happening, we know very little. With that said, there have been a few casting announcements.

The headline casting announcement is with Matt Bomer joining the cast. The star is most known for his recent recurring role on American Horror Story but also you probably know him from White Collar which sadly left Netflix the other year.

Bill Pullman has also been confirmed to return for season 3.

Jessica Biel is returning for the third season but so far, she’s only announced she’d be working as a producer. She hasn’t ruled out a starring role, however.

In terms of story, it’ll be following Detective Harry Ambrose once again as he begins a new investigation that should be a routine one but turns out to be one of the most dangerous he’s ever encountered.

When will The Sinner season 3 be back on USA Network?

Although there’s nothing been confirmed it would be fair to assume at this point that season 3 is due to release in August 2019. That’s because both seasons before it have both released in August.

When will The Sinner be available on Netflix in regions where it’s an original?

For the majority of countries outside of the United States, The Sinner is considered a Netflix Original.

In these regions, Netflix gets the new episodes roughly and month and a half after the series have concluded. Both seasons have been added in November in previous years.

When will The Sinner season 2 & 3 be on Netflix US?

Netflix in the United States is still a little behind on The Sinner at the moment. We’re currently expecting season 2 to arrive in July 2019 just before the new season starts to air.

That means that season 3 would then arrive in July 2019 before a possible season 4 would air.

Note: this article is going to be updated over time as we learn more about season 3 and its release schedule.