List of Netflix Series Still Waiting For Renewal or Cancelation

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As we’ve entered a new year, we thought we’d take stock of some of the series that Netflix has let go in limbo either by not renewing or canceling. Many of these are likely canceled but haven’t yet had formal announcements. Here’s a selection of big Netflix series that have yet to be either canceled or renewed. 

One of the shows we won’t feature in this list is Master of None which looks like it has been renewed. It’s been one of the shows on a hiatus but looks like it’ll soon be coming to an end. We won’t include Mindhunter either as that’s considered to be on hiatus.

The Letter for the King Season 2

Kasey’s Prediction: Leaning canceled
Jacob’s Prediction: Leaning canceled

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letter from the king

We’re going to do two fantasy series on the trot now with both not having clear indications whether they’ll be renewed or canceled. The first is Letter for the King which released on Netflix in March 2020. Since the arrival, the show has gone dark with none of the creators or cast indicating whether it will continue.

Reviews were mixed with a 55 on Metacritic and 5.9 on IMDb.

Jacob really enjoyed the first season of The Letter for the King, and would like to see the series renewed. Unfortunately, it’s unclear whether or not the audience was large enough for the series to return for a second season.

Cursed Season 2

Kasey’s Prediction: Leaning canceled
Jacob’s Prediction: Certain canceled

cursed netflix

Cursed had a lot of ambition going into the first season, but depending on who you ask, the series was either superb or terrible, not leaving much in between. Netflix invested a lot of money into the production of the first season, which makes the choice of a second season that much harder, and costly.

Jacob thinks that the series was one of the most disappointing Originals of 2020. The tone of the series was all over the place, as was its attempt to find a target audience. Cursed ultimately couldn’t decide if it wanted to aim itself towards a more adult audience, or towards teenagers, and found itself trapped in an awkward purgatory between the two. While the production of the series looked fantastic, it doesn’t make up for a terrible story.

On My Block Season 4

Kasey’s Prediction: Leaning renewed
Jacob’s Prediction: Leaning renewed

on my block season 4

We heard that season 4 was in active development and there are some indications that Netflix hasn’t yet let go of the show (it featured in the New Year’s Day Netflix marketing stunt).

The show has a fiercely loyal fanbase, but in the past, we’ve seen a number of high-profile ensemble shows canceled due to their complexity. Not to mention filming in an ongoing pandemic also brings its own challenges.

Wu Assassins Season 2

Kasey’s Prediction: 50/50
Jacob’s Prediction: Certain canceled

wu assassins netflix

The crime-fighting series starring Iko Uwais is perhaps more akin to what you’d see from The CW but never the less was a great debut on Netflix in 2019. Since then, the show has gone very quiet with no official announcement for season 2.

We have heard reports of this one being in active development for a second season but with all the other external factors affecting shows right now, its future is still unclear.

Social Distance Season 2

Kasey’s Prediction: Leaning canceled
Jacob’s Prediction: Certain Canceled

social distance netflix

With Genji Kohan’s Netflix deal looking to be winding down, it seems highly unlikely that this novel series will be coming back. Not only is it a product of the first lockdown (something it seems unlike the US will do again – rightly or wrongly).

Jacob thinks that a British take on the series could be possible, but like everyone in the world right now, the sooner lockdowns and pandemics are put behind us the better.

The Midnight Gospel Season 2

Kasey’s Prediction: 50/50
Jacob’s Prediction: 50/50

the midnight gospel netflix

The Midnight Gospel is one of the most creative, and psychedelic sitcoms on Netflix, and perhaps all time. However, this doesn’t mean the series is guaranteed a future. The reason why we say it could be 50/50 is that Tuca & Bertie, another unique and highly praised animated series failed to get picked up for season 2.

Jacob thinks this is one of the hardest series to judge whether or not it’s been renewed or canceled. The series is based on the real-life interviews of Duncan Trussel’s Family Hour podcast. The podcast has over 400 episodes, so it’s certain that more sparks of inspiration could be found in one of the many hundreds of episodes.

Brews Brothers Season 2

Kasey’s Prediction: Leaning canceled
Jacob’s Prediction: Certain canceled

brews brothers netflix

Brews Brothers is one of the shows where Netflix clearly tried to replicate a formula of a previously popular show by stealing the creator and format hoping for a hit. Unfortunately, Brews Brothers haven’t rocked the world since its release and its future remains up in the air.

Jacob deliberated on whether or not Brews Brothers could be renewed. After much thought, he realized the series was terribly unfunny, and definitely doesn’t deserve a second season.

The Healing Powers of Dude Season 2

Kasey’s Prediction: Leaning canceled
Jacob’s Prediction: Certain canceled

the healing powers of dude netflix

Doing the research on this one, I struggled to remember much about it as it seemed to slip onto Netflix with next to no fanfare (it’s IMDb ratings by only 600 people backs that up).

The family comedy series was about an 11-year-old with a social anxiety disorder starting at a new school.

Jacob remembers very little about The Healing Powers of Dude, and while he thinks the dog is extremely adorable it may not be enough to earn a renewal.

Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings Season 2

Kasey’s Prediction: Leaning renewed
Jacob’s Prediction: 50/50

hearstrings netflix

The Dolly Parton anthology series was welcomed with open arms by Netflixers in late 2019 but since then, things have gone quiet. Parton did go onto star in the Netflix Original Christmas movie and while a second season has been teased, we’re still yet to hear anything official.

Jacob thinks that Netflix has a great working relationship with Dolly Parton, and while many would like to see more of Heartstrings, it’s more than likely we’ll see other projects pursued first.

Trailer Park Boys – Live-action or Animated

Kasey’s Prediction: Leaning renewed
Jacob’s Prediction: Certain renewed

trailer park boys netflix

Trailer Park Boys is one of the oldest Netflix Originals available and has spanned multiple formats over the years with the animated series being the most recent. Since season 2 of the animated series, we haven’t heard of anything new from the boys.

Kasey’s opinion is that the show will be renewed in some form. There have been rumors for a long time about a new live-action series and the animated series was renewed for season 2 on the down-low.

Jacob agrees with Kasey. The show continues to stand the test of time, and all of the ongoing rumors about a new live-action series suggests that where there is smoke is fire.

The Politician Season 3

Kasey’s Prediction: Leaning canceled
Jacob’s Prediction: 50/50

the politician netflix

Netflix and Ryan Murphy work under a huge overall deal but The Politician is one of the two shows (Ratched being the other) that came outside that deal. It was originally picked up with two seasons and despite having plenty of runway for a third season, it’s gone quiet since the second dropped in 2020.

Jacob thinks that the series has the potential to be picked up for a third and final season. Murphy’s involvement in the series seemed limited, having only directed the pilot and credited for writing five episodes in the first season. The second season saw Murphy take a significant step back while he worked on other upcoming projects. With his attention focused elsewhere, it would be up to Ian Brennan to continue helming the series.

Julie and the Phantoms Season 2

Kasey’s Prediction: Leaning renewed
Jacob’s Prediction: Leaning renewed

julie and the phantoms netflix

The big new series from the creator of High School Musical dropped on Netflix in September and has instantly grown a big fanbase and is one of the few shows that can justify having a 24/7 channel on YouTube.

Kasey’s view is that the show was a hit and like other kids’ shows, may not get an official confirmation about a season 2.

Jacob’s take is that the show is extremely popular amongst younger audiences, and Netflix needs to continue any series that gained the level of attention like Jesse and the Phantoms.

There’s a number of shows we won’t yet include on this list as it’s possibly too early to tell what their futures are including:

  • Grand Army (Season 2)
  • Dash & Lily (Season 2)*
  • Selena: The Series (Season 2)*
  • Tiny Pretty Things (Season 2)
  • Bridgerton (Season 2)
  • Mr. Iglesias (Part 4)

In the interest of time, there’s a bunch of other shows that are likely canceled but never got official confirmations including:

  • Tidelands (Season 2)
  • The Ponysitters Club (Season 3)
  • The Innocents (Season 2)
  • Shadow (Season 2)
  • It’s Bruno (Season 2)
  • Medical Police (Season 2)
  • Neo Yokio (Season 2)
  • Seis Manos (Season 2)

There’s countless more kids series and international series which falls under the up in the air status too but in most cases, it’s hard to predict.

What series do you hope on this list finally gets a thumbs up by Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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