When will Season 3 of Velvet Come to Netflix?

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It was apparent to me at how popular Spanish series were until last year when I was introduced to Grand Hotel. Once again, I’m astonished to the level of interest surrounding another Spanish show that’s currently on air at the moment and that show is called Velvet.

Set in 1950’s Spain, it’s a romantic TV drama produced and aired in Spain. It’s about a romantic relationship struck up by the heir of Galerias Velvet, a huge chain of fashion stores and Ana, one of the workers at one of the stores. It’s a complicated relationship but it evidently blossoms on screen.

For the eagle eyed among you, you may recognize the chap on the right. That’s because he had a major role in a Netflix Original that launched last year. Can you guess who it is yet? It’s Miguel Angel Silvestre who took a major role in the original, Sense8. This may have some indication as to why Velvet has grown in popularity abroad.


Season 3 of the show has been running in Spain from September 2015 and wrapped up late December meaning that it’s ready to be pushed out onto Netflix so the trick is to just to find when. Now Velvet has had a funny release schedule on Netflix. Season 1 was added in July 2015 and season 2 in December 2015. That goes against the traditional yearly contract but we feel it was pushed forward for season 2 to gain a bigger viewing on TV. With season 3 however, we suspect they’ll go back to the yearly format. So with all of that said, we predict that you’ve be getting season 3 of Velvet added to Netflix in July 2016.

Until then, you can watch seasons 1 and 2 of Velvet on Netflix in the US.

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