When will Season 6 of ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ be on Netflix?

How To Get Away With Murder – Picture: ABC/Shondaland

How To Get Away with Murder is back for a sixth and final season. If you’re wondering when the Shondaland series is headed to Netflix around the world, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s the release schedule for season 6 of How To Get Away with Murder on Netflix.

In total, 15 episodes will be coming to How to Get Away With Murder which will round out the show at a total of 90 episodes across its six seasons.

Season 6 began airing from September 26th and will once again likely finish on ABC in either February or March 2020.

When will season 6 of ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Be on Netflix in the United States?

Netflix continues to get the show in the United States despite the fact most ABC shows nowadays do not come to Netflix.

The series has kept a consistent release schedule on Netflix over the past few years. Season 3 was added in March 2017, season 4 in April 2018 and most recently, season 5 in March 2019.

Given this release pattern, we’re expecting season 6 to arrive on Netflix in either March or April 2020.

Will ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ leave Netflix?

Sadly, HTGAWM will eventually leave Netflix but it won’t be for a while. Netflix will likely be able to keep the show streaming for a number of years after the show

When will season 6 be on Netflix in other regions?

The good news is that other Netflix regions also keep a consistent release schedule.

Netflix in the United Kingdom is always a years behind and we’re expecting season 5 to arrive in December 2019 and season 6 a year later in December 2020.

In a similar vein, Netflix Australia is a year behind. Season 5 will arrive in March 2020 with season 6 not likely being available until March 2021.

Netflix Canada has got new seasons every August meaning we can expect season 6 of the series to arrive in August 2020.

Although it may be the end for How To Get Away with Murder it’s certainly not the end for Shonda Rhimes. Her other main ABC show is still going strong with Grey’s Anatomy now in its sixteenth season. Also, Shonda Rhimes has an exclusive contract with Netflix. As of the time of publishing, there are reportedly over 10 projects Shondaland is involved with coming out exclusively on Netflix.